Friday, December 13, 2013

Herb Ox Display

Last Christmas I had the best time with the 12 Tins of Christmas when I altered these vintage Herb-Ox boxes and added feet to the actual wood display box. 

My Aunt Coco had taken a shine to them then so I thought this year when I played along with the Funky Junky 12 Tags challenge again, I'd pass this project to her for Christmas. 

I couldn't just leave it alone, I had to add three more boxes (thanks Ebay), some molding, screw the feet in so they didn't keep breaking off (thanks hot glue, not!) and add some chippies up in the corner!

Here is what it looked like last year:

Really love the feel of it now, since now it appears to be FINISHED !

It has headed off in the mail and I hope my Aunt likes it as much as I do!

Happy Friday! 

Oh and onward and upward! Wait until you see what I'm working on this year for the Funky Junky 12 Tags challenge!


  1. So delightful I bet your aunt will be thrilled! I agree it looks so finished now and those chippie corners are just the perfect touch!

  2. I remember this! Loved it then, love it more now, as I"m sure your Aunt looks just perfect:) DO NOT need to do a sign for yourself:):)!!!

  3. Oh a blast from Christmas it! The extras you've added are sensational!!!! I'm always like a little kid locked in a candy store when I see your holiday projects!
    Your aunt is one lucky lady for sure!

  4. This looks wonderful.. lucky Aunty!! and the ground looks cold!!

  5. Received, repaired (minor in-transit damage) with handy glue gun, and adored!! Thanks, Mitra! AC


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