Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Random Act of Kindness on Mum's Day

The kids were little, it was cold, the chicken wasn't all that and the drive was long, but yet, it was a very memorable Mother's Day.

Lexi found $20 on the beach, Lukey leaned to skip stones, and I was given a cool sea glass necklace from a perfect stranger.

And years later we still remember seeing Tow Mater in the wild, Chimney Bluff, and our day trip.

Funny thing, it took me quite a while to get my hands on these pages. I have a huge cabinet of scrapbooks so kept coming across pages that I had to take a minute to look at. Had quite a stroll back memory lane last night with a nice mixed drink of malibu and juice. THE MAN hooked me up with my drink and kept wandering back upstairs to check on progress and take a look at times past.

Finally found them this morning. The necklace was easier to place. ;-) See it there next to the photo?

And the story...

Hope your day is fantastic! I have a date myself with some power tools and a small furniture alteration! Wish me luck!


  1. Love your story, you must have had a beautiful day, hope you had a lovely Mother's Day this year!

  2. That's gorgeous - the story, the photos, the scrapping....& it's the reason we scrap, right? Well, a big part of it, anyways...happy dayz to you with your now Much Bigger Kidlets & DH :):)

  3. awesome girlie............happy mothers day

  4. Yes going back in time in the scrapbooks is fun and rekindles wonderful memories.. this double looks wonderful and it really does sound like a precious day.. I hope the date with the power tool goes well!!

  5. Beautiful experiences, Mitra! Wish you a happy mothers day!

  6. Can't stop smiling! That was a wonderful story...... :)

  7. Your story was fun to read. Nice layout.


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