Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Toy Chest with Feet

When my sister-in-law texted me on Mother's Day and asked what I was up to, she was likely not surprised to hear I was in the shop.

There is something about power tools, a sunny day, and a weekend to just make you happy.

Add in Thai for lunch and it's a perfect day!

She did not however understand what we were making.

I tried to explain that if you have legs you should put them on something...

The legs were left over from my jewelry box redo.

The chest most recently housed the toy train until we found a better box for it. We are all about getting things straightened up for the movers. However, the chest was way too nice to toss or put into the garage sale pile.

Years ago it played a very important part in a huge Pirate Birthday Party we threw for the kids.

Here, hold on. I'll get you the pages to look at...

Back in the days when I really liked stickers....

You can see Luke down in the right hand corner with the chest. He happened to be the one kid who was delayed in running off hence not running PAST the chest where it was close to the driveway. The rest of the kids had to be stopped as they had kept running and were nearly to the neighbor's house. One kid tripped on a tree branch and was bawling...oh the memories.

Here she is all painted up with a basecoat of white. Last night we distressed the coat of black we added.

We have a pile of hardware to add and this huge crazy pirate chest lock that is making me happy!

I am thinking about modge podging a map on the inside too! Fun times!

I'll be back later with the finished version!


  1. Oh, I love it, I knew you would come up with something awesome. Can't wait to see the finished version.

  2. What great VISION you have....& yes! Stickers:) I remember:):) I'm with Shirley --- can't wait for the end result...& BTW.... The Man is letting you spray paint on the drive now???!!!!!!!!!

  3. You've shivered me timbers!!! I'm so excited I could pee!!! Awesomical, awesomical, WOW!

  4. Can't wait to see the end result.. it will be wonderful... AAARRRGGGG!!!


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