Friday, May 30, 2014

Margaret the Maple: Layout

Buying your second/third house is kinda like getting preggers the second time. You know how it works, you know it has its extremely painful moments, a huge reward in the end, followed by lots and lots of more work.

So if another person asks me if I am excited to move, I am going to scream and scream. I am still not over unpacking the last time. I blame yesterday's drama a bit......;-)

Our lawyer called THE MAN yesterday at work and without any introduction announced that our water flow test had failed and did we still want to buy the house.

Thankfully THE MAN did not know it was our lawyer, so he called the number he was given to THE WATER WIZARD and started asking questions. Turns out the flow test is just fine...see laywers are better at lawyering and not water, right? And a wizard is just better at everything.

Anyhow, the person MOST excited about the new house is Lexi. This page is all for her!

As we rolled up the driveway to our soon to be new house she bellowed: It's Margaret the Maple! Just like I wanted, a purple maple!

Since we all had butterflies and were preparing to be nervous, it just made us laugh instead!

It's really called a Crimson King and is a tree that started being very popular when I was a kid. I recall my Dad talking about it as it's somewhat of a genetically engineered tree that is purple year round. The funny part was that Lexi  was talking about wanting a purple tree as we drove down!

I myself am most pleased with my pink dogwood, which you can see really far back behind the big pine...

So glad it's safe again to post this page...I was planning on it yesterday until the water fiasco!

Have a great Friday & upcoming weekend!

I'll be back Sunday with the latest from Another Freaking Scrappy!


  1. Mind if I pull up a chair and sit a spell? That is so beautifully tranquil. Margaret is magical :)

  2. PHEW!!!!! Betcha Margaret is pleased to have someone love her as Lexi is to have Margaret....I'm trying to spot the Dogswood...I'm thinking it's the one with smaller leaves, but a bigger wider spreading treee...anyways, it'll be up soon enough & a huuuuge relief re: the waterflow. Whatever that is!!!

  3. Really pretty yard, and yes I do love the purple maple also. Margaret will be well loved. I can picture Lexi out under it reading a book.

  4. That looks like beautiful country side and the trees are amazing.. love the big photo on your page.. and I was going to ask about the excitement and all, but I wont now..

  5. I can't think of a better name for such a beautiful tree! ;) The view from your soon-to-be new home is absolutely wonderful and your page is pretty amazing too!


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