Wednesday, May 14, 2014 become greater: Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats Week 3 Trowel Art

THE MAN was visably upset when I handed him this rustry trowel and asked him to bend it a smidge. It had been overextended in the soil and I knew his hands were strong enough to tweak it back into shape.

He put on his best possible my wife is nuts face and said, did you pay actual money for this?

I offered to run and get him more wine and opted to not answer that question. Explaining an altered trowel or spade if you will would just hurt his head. (It was only a dollar! ;-)

Add in the idea of using scrabble tiles to spell out a letter & 6 of spades playing card....and that I am using them for symbolism would be worse to explain. And since it IS a Spade that I am altering, it was kind of punny in a funny kind of way...

See, the moving thing will cause us to Grow. It's painful but four years here has stretched us in ways as a family & couple that I never thought possible. I can't imagine what we'll be in another four years in a new place!

Growing to become greater. Not greater in size as moving this time invovles less stuff. We are also moving less of us having lost a dear dog lately. ;-( More on that later when I can stand to write about it.

Two Adults, Two Kids, two pets, which is why I used a playing card with a 6!

Lisa (QUIRKS), Sue (ONION) & I are stretching ourselves with difficult goals! We have three more challenges for our Technicolor Trio of Temping Treats to make!

This one was HARD I thought even though a couple of the ideas were mine!

  • Layers and textures using circles
  • Odd marriage of two items-eg;Rusty nail Pink Rose
  • Stars
  • Dictionary depictions

I went with flowers for circles, really cheating a bit since a trowel SHOULD have flowers, the little stars are SNUCK in here and there. See the little itty bitty one by my definition of the word GROW at the bottom written in white ink? This piece is certainly an odd marriage! 

Well, hope you enjoyed Week 3 and get a chance to hop over to visit my two crafting buddies Lisa (QUIRKS), Sue (ONION) and check out their creations!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Hello Mitra,
    Certainly an odd marriage,;the trowel and flowers, but adding the word ties it all together, great imagination at play no doubt. Very very innovative my friend.

  2. This belongs on front doors everywhere!!! I mean to tell you, you married the oddest things together and yet you came out looking like a well planned genius doing it. I love the $1 dirt digger and those vivacious flowers so round and full of GROWTH and by doing the dictionary thingy with the written definition..."I see what you did there." I think it's truly outstanding and absolutely the perfect house warming gift for the new place.
    So very sorry to hear about your pup though :(
    Hugs to you and thank you for knocking my socks off with this!

  3. You see, straight away my thoughts went to dog...loss? That is NOT good....feeling for you....I know how you & your pets are up there with you & your family......& you altered spade came up...wait for it...TRUMPS!!! [heehee!!!].....just wait 'til you do the same with the paintbrush. Your poor Man hasn't a hope. BTW..I arrived home from the op shop with a paper making kit...always wanted one, could never afford one....thank you Op Shop Gods! And a painting. I LOOOVE it. Got eye rolled & told off soundly by DH.....following which, whilst I was AWAY op shopping ---he, apparently, was doing the local op shops & came home with a pie tin [we have THREE already!] & a truck for Lucas to play with. We have a TRUCKLOAD from the previous generation sitting up in the roof. Sorry. Such a long comment. It's YOUR fault. You write interesting stuff!!!

  4. That is just brilliant Mitra! I adore it!! So happy hubs finally paid up!! Oh how I WISH I could buy old treasure like that around these parts. NOTHING of that nature here at all. Some very grotty second hand shops few & far between & only full of expensive rubbish! You did so well with this!! YOu should enter the Prima Product Pick challenges with your OTPS - they love that kinda thing!!

  5. So sorry about your doggy :( I love love love this!!!! Totally PINNING!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow..These is just Awesome..altering a dirt digger to such a gorgeous piece..I loved 'Grow ' n those flowers died ribbon...beautiful !!

  7. Well you could have donged him on the head to bend your spade I guess..... ?? But hey what a great idea to put flowers and alter a spade.. I love it.. it looks wonderful..and happy moving too.. and sending hugs for the loss of your doggie.. I have lost a few and each one has left paw prints on my heart...xx


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