Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Super Wacko Crazy French Violet Syrup Bottle: Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats Week 4

Early Sunday am found me rummaging around in my fridge. I woke myself up trying to think of bottle projects and the brain was not going to rest until I got started with something. 

I found this slightly fancy syrup jar that had just enough syrup to warrant maybe putting the whole thing back in the fridge if you were too lazy to wash it out for the recycling. 

After hot water and scrubbing off the label, I took the bottle out for some spray. I have this new spray paint I found that frosts glass. Normally I'd haul out the sand blaster, but sometimes I actually break the bottle in my sand blasting zest! 

After it dried, I came up with the fancy part that THE MAN turned his nose up at. 

I admit, it's a bit over the top but I had a lot of requirements I had to meet!

Lisa (QUIRKS), Sue (ONION) & I are stretching ourselves with difficult goals! We have two more challenges for our Technicolor Trio of Temping Treats to make!

Here is a close up of all the over the top bling...more is better in this case when you are trying to fit in all the things you are supposed to do & use!

Here are the requirements!

  • Mixed Media
  • Collage
  • Glass Jar creation
  • Material

The material part is what threw me off. I wanted to hand make a material flower, but was running out of time so I used one I had. I think it's a wee bit too big and black, but live and learn!

As far as mixed media goes, there are several items on here that might be hard to see, which is why I brought the bottle in the house for a photo. 

I added some gold paint & purple dye over top of modge podge on the entire bottle giving it a frosted, tinted purple look. Yes, why stick with one paint type item when you can use three. 

See, over the top!

Anyhow, I have had a blast playing along with these ladies and our challenge! Hop on over to their blogs & check out what amazingness they have created today! 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. It so takes me to Paris - in the days of the Can Can.....the flower works if you think of it like that, too:) LOOOVE The colours....looks gloriously decadent:):)

  2. Wow! There is no end to what you will alter.. this looks stunning!

  3. Wow ! Its Superb..I loved the makeover of syrup bottle !

  4. You blew me away that you actually had Violette de Parme syrup in your fridge! Uhhh....slightly exotic?

  5. Hello Mitra,
    WOW! I love how you have altered this bottle, the frosting is just wonderful, great idea, as it changes the whole feel of the piece. It is a superb Vintage looking bottle.

  6. I have visited on more than one occasion and I've text you already...HOLY CRAP! Love that frosted spray. I ran straight to the man and told him about it and he proceeded to run as quickly as possible to the man cave to avoid hearing the entire sentence, but worry not...I had him in the car for a 4 hour drive to Nebraska and at this point I was able to satisfactorily convey my new found love and interest in frost spray paint. Of course leave it to you to enable my newest and latest addictions. Your syrup jar is the BEST in the land. I absolutely marveled over it for DAYS!!


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