Monday, May 12, 2014

Clarkson Basketball Camp Layout

Oh those three boys cracked me right up!

Tommy's Dad and I split transportation to the Clarkson Basketball Camp during break week. He picked Luke up in the morning and took him to camp and I picked Tommy, Luke and Scott up at lunch time and dropped them off to Tommy's Mom's house.

I came WITH lunch so I was a cool Mom. Plus, I was hungry and I knew that whatever those sweaty boys had to say would be entertaining. It was like dinner and a movie.

Scott left this really great pin in my jeep that cracked me up totally. Can you see it there below? Luke wanted to give it back, but it fell into the Mommy Tax area.

The pin says:  I like poetry, long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick

You know about Mommy Tax, right? It's when your kid has a whole candy bar and you take a small piece of tax, right?

Really enjoyed getting this scrapped. Not sure if my boy will play basketball next year so it's fun to have put it all down on paper,

Happy Monday!


  1. Your bg here is STUNNING.... Adore those strips & stripes....& I have a DH tax....if I am asked to bring him an ice cream.... It gets I gotcha there...& that badge is a CLASSIC!!!!

  2. You mean I have lived this long and I did not know about mummy tax after all these years... my kids had it GOOD!!! Hehee!! fabulous layout, love the patchwork feel to it.. and great button too!

  3. haha! love that badge. Yes, we have lots of enthusiastic stick users here too.

  4. Tons of dimension! This is great.

  5. LOL...I loved Sian's comment. Isn't that the truth though! Same in these parts. Your LO is wonderful Mitra and it really sounds like it was a blast. Love the name Golden Knights too. That logo is really cool. Your running boy and the bike for embellishments are the perfect choices for this athletic page. Really really enjoyed this!

  6. Great pin. Isn't it a hoot to listen to kids while they interact with one another? I bet you had a fun time.


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