Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Breathe Button Art: Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats Week 2

Lately I have been finding myself taking huge calming breaths. Ones that I am hoping the person on the other end of the phone cannot hear.

I have it lucky though.

Yes we are moving, but our house is under contract. That basically means the dude buying it either buys it or gives us money. Also, if the deal was to fall though, we have a move package meaning someone else will buy it. It also means I can stop hiding my toothpaste in the bathroom drawer and leave the TV remotes out. I really only have energy enough to get the house prepped to show it a couple of times. Lucky for me, the second time was the charm and after hanging with the potential buyer for a couple of hours on Easter Sunday, we could go back to life as usual.

Yes we showed our own house and had subs for Easter Dinner, but it was totally cool. I am looking forward to passing off a super nice place to someone who will enjoy my creek, field and woods!

It also looks like we have found a place we like down south and can probably settle with the sellers on a purchase offer so we'll have some place to hang our hat in a couple of months. Plus, a crew of moving guys will show up at some point with huge trucks and make our stuff go from here to there. It will be like POOF! Here are all your boxes and have fun unpacking. NO they are not hot moving guys. I can tell you that from the last time.

The last month getting to this spot has been a roller coaster and I can't say I'd want to move on my own ever. WAY too much work.

Hence the BREATHE sign. Don't forget to breathe & take it one thing at a time!

With all that drama in mind, it seems quite dumb I'd voluntarily commit to another challenge! However, being well acquainted with myself, I knew some paint, hot glue, and serious thinking about things other than moving would be JUST what I needed. My day job involves conversations on siltation impaired watersheds, infiltration rates, and storm water. You need flowers, paint, and glitter to scrub all that from the brain. Add in something crazy like moving and it's a recipe for disaster. You'd find me licking the wall paper staring off into space before long!

Lisa (QUIRKS), Sue (ONION) & I are stretching ourselves with difficult goals! We have four more challenges for our Technicolor Trio of Temping Treats to make and I can't wait! Our second challenge involves a LOT of my favorite things!

  • Cheesecloth
  • Monochromatic-mostly but ignore the gold, I HAD to add it!
  • Dominos
  • Sculptey clay
Dominos you say! WHERE?

I deliberately (ok by accident!) put one domino on backwards....

You might also spy my baby dinosaur hanging out on the top in a nest! No, it's supposed to be a baby bird. I convinced my oldest to make me a bird out of sculpty clay and I think she forgot the beak....but lets not break her heart, it's still cute!

See! He's looking at you! Smile! It's Happy Hump Day!

Now, I'm off to check out what Lisa and Sue have been up to! I can't wait!


  1. Oh, I am SOOO glad you have gotten a house...well, almost gotten...on the way to being gotten...& that errr 'bird' CUTE. really CUUUTE!!! Wally would love to play!!!! And the domino.....who'd have know if you hadn't said. Dunno HOW you managed that challenge, but you did...& it's a testimony to the 'now' place in your life! Even better. better have an equally cool taking photo space in your new place......I LOOOVE seeing the change of seasons happening behind the photos!! Call me crazy.....& I see SUN!!!!! And glad you 'found' my Maine Forest page....Tim had some really NICE shots of the country....must get onto scrapping the others!!!

  2. This is AWESOME. Love all the details, little birdie too. Will truly miss you as a neighbor, but I know we will stay in touch. Long walk with coffee though!!!!! You must be breathing so much calmer now that things are rolling.

  3. Hello MP
    What an awesome original piece of Art, I am in awe of you and Quirks, I really am, the flair and panache in which you both develop your pieces are just beyond me, I have realised that I am not wired this way, far to practical to exercise my imagination in a conceptual way. However this is not to say I do not appreciate your work, on the contrary as I stated to Lisa, I am often lost for words with what you two design. I must confess I wondered where you placed your Domino.
    A little bit of whimsy, with a tactile quality; love the cheesecloth and buttons together. Great work.
    On the home front, I am so pleased you have a sale, now the move...I do not envy you.

  4. Ohh wow ! this is wonderful ! I loved all the buttons n gold n the jute ..

  5. Yes moving is huge.. I have only done it once the first time does not count as I didnt have any stuff except clothes!! All the best with the move, and dont forget to breathe... lots.. and slowly at times...

  6. Love your breathe sign too...

  7. HOLY that is a sign I need just about in EVERY room of my house! I love this inspirational reminder. I used to dread moving in the military. I think we did 9 in 11 years and now it's so nice to sit back and just relax. My biggest fear is that I'll get bored in one place and the itch to pack will start in a that case, may I please borrow your sign???
    It was like playing Where's Waldo looking for that domino though...LOL, but I see it now and I just love it. Your dino/bird is ADORABLE! Nothing like the blue bird of happiness resting on anything and what a hoot that we both had blue birds on our projects..great minds! How you combined all your elements together is exceptional and I especially appreciate that sentiment most of all.
    I am truly having a blast with you two on this creative journey/challenge. You're both amazing ladies with such incredible inspiration to offer up.
    Hope you're having a terrific day and Happy Weekend!!!
    hugs to you Mitza Pitza,


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