Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You Are Lovely Affirmation Art: Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats Week 5

I am really big on loving yourself & the skin you are in.

I myself suffer from overconfidence due to a boss once who gave me a review and said I did not need to improve anything. I took that to heart and in general try not to beat myself up too badly. THE MAN tries to give me feedback but again, I am perfect! No point in trying to tell me otherwise!

Actually I am kidding a whole lot. Mostly I get mad at my hair and sometimes I like to switch that up and get grumpy about dark circles under my eyes and then I can hate on my eyebrows...and when that gets old, I can always loathe my tummy stretch marks on skin that gave up being happy by the second kid. Don't get me started on potential personality flaws....

That is why we all need something to tell US how lovely we are! Here is a shout out from ME on Hump Day saying YOU ARE LOVELY!

Need me to say that again? I can.....

Zoomed in photo!  So you can READ IT! YOU ARE LOVELY!

One more time, sideways so you can also see the little nesting bird hanging out in my locket...

And do you know who is lovely in particular? Three girls.

The first two are:

Lisa (QUIRKS) & Sue (ONION) who are my partners in crime for these treats! We have only one more challenge for our Technicolor Trio of Temping Treats left to make! They are super duper lovely chickies!

Here are our requirements this week that I ran with in a very loosey goosie kind of way.
  • Triptych
  • Drips and drops to make a design.
  • Inchies
  • Configuration of Frames-assortment in any design or layout.

To be honest, I read the first requirement, ripped this scrabble board in half, covered it in with paper and started gluing...

Framed things out and glued some more. Added lots and lots of runny mists and what not, which did not really give me a pattern but made me really happy in a grungy misty kind of way. See the layers upon layers?

I then went back and reread our requirements and realized I had to dig up some inchies. Used some queenly images that I slid behind a clear faceted tile I have had in my stash for years. Tied ribbon on the edges. 

The other person who is especially lovely is the lady who has the awesomest store on the block! Linda over at THE FUNKIE JUNKIE BOTIQUE just reopened and I got those awesome flowers there! She is my personal shopper since I pretty much like EVERYTHING in her store and really just go through and say one of these and one of these with no plan. Everything comes wrapped so nicely with pretty little ribbons and clear envelopes.

So, three awesome links to check out on this very lovely of Wednesdays!

YOU ARE LOVELY! And so is the birthday girl who will be receiving this in the mail soon along with some chocolates!


  1. A triptychly torn scrabble freaking lovely is that!! SO LOVELY! I'm glad you made a point to mention the gorgeous layers,because my eyes were definitely feasting on them and then the stunning Queens of smallest stature, but large in personality are sensational on this exotically beautiful drippy landmine of glorious goodies!! This and ARE a good friend. :)

  2. Hello M
    You should be in advertising, you could sell milk to a dairy farmer; you are that convincing in your approach to everything in such a positive way.
    I concur with all that you have said; we are three awesome chicks, although I prefer the symbolic gesture you have added in your design, re the Queens. Were you aware of this when you added them to your very unique and interesting design and such a lovely sentiment as well, you have personalised this triptych and it has made it special. Gosh I love the flowers.
    Cannot wait till next week.

  3. YOU are lovely.....personality flaws? Naaah.......stretch marks.....thank goodness we can blame the kids! Love the pretty colours in this one, although I almost DIED when I saw what you did to the scrabble board!!!!

  4. Wow for a minute I thought I had better just leave very quietly because your self confidence was scaring me! but then I kept reading and know you are one of us deep down! But we gota love the skin we is in, cos that is the only skin we is gettin!! Love your gift for your friend.. so colorful and so wonderfully decorated.. she will love it.. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. Wow, what a total feast for the eyes you have created, Mitra. The pinks are absolutely gorgeous and there is so much to look at and enjoy here. LOVE the strong theme you have woven through the piece. This is really a fabulous gift! Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words about my little boutique and me too! So glad you enjoy shopping with me!


  6. ripped a scrabble board..And look what a gorgeous triptych you have created...loved loved the yummy colors,layers n those pretty lacey booms..I agree about loving our selves..after all every one is unique what say ??

    I enjoyed seeing you technique trio sad only one is left !

  7. WOW, I could NOT stop gazing at this, Mitra. Soooo many details, really love everything.


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