Monday, May 26, 2014

The Waiting Game & Angle Grinding

Since we are in a waiting game now for the next month on everything while various closings occur, THE MAN and I decided to spend some time wrapping up a few projects over this long weekend. He worked on a fuel pump (don't ask, I tried not to!) and I wrenched on a desk.

It's a metal OMG heavy thing we had in the basement because it is too awesome to throw away and wasn't needed at our last two houses. After seeing the sunny glassed in porch I'll be using as my new office at the new house, I decided it's time for my old desk to be replaced. Previously I believe it was a lab table as THE MAN bought it second hand from his company as it was surplus. When I say it's heavy, it really is! Three of us dragged it out of the basement and I have the sore shoulders to prove it! Having two computers and one monitor taxes the desk space these days and I'd love to have a little more real estate.

Took me a couple of hours to get it ready for angle grinding. There was an old top that needed to be removed and also a shelf. Plus, various bolts & nuts were missing, so I got to add them and tighten everything down. THE MAN seemed determined only to coach the girl invading his garage so it was all me! He did point out at one point that I might want to switch over from metric wrenches....

It's ready for paint now and then I'll be scouting around for a top. It's randomly 4 inches wider than a standard kitchen counter top so I'll have to special order one. I am hoping to get one locally since I have no confidence the big box store who said they'd call me with a quote really will.....

Happy Memorial Day to the peeps in States! And elsewhere, I do hope your Monday is fantastic!


  1. Now I'm so very excited to see this glass office you speak of AND this ginormous desk placed in there! I hope the closing goes VERY well for you, but I'll be honest, I will kinda miss this place! Went to Nebraska over the weekend and met a couple that had lived in your town of NY..such a small world.

  2. Ummm.....IKEA? Crate and Barrel? This looks like a challenge worth skipping. Looks like a perfect potting table for outside someplace. Now the glass office sound decidedly cool.

  3. Oh I wonder what it was used for? I hope not autopsies!!!??

  4. LOL...autopsies! Our comments must make you giggle....sounds a good solid table. It will hold LOTS of stuff...wide is good, cos you can store stuff at the back & work at the front.....good on you doing this sort of thing!!! Looking forward to seeing another finished project:):)


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