Monday, May 19, 2014

Bird Salt & Pepper Shaker Artist Trading Blocks for THE CUTTING CAFE

The birds have been CRAZY here this spring! They are making nests everywhere, fighting over whatever birds fight over, flying into our garage, and basically being BIRD BRAINS!

I have birds on my brain myself. I just wanted a couple of small birds to use on this project. Since we don't have lots of places to buy craft supplies, I asked at our thrift store and this really cool volunteer did a deep dive in their back room for me.

She turned up these very ugly silver plastic birds. They were originally salt and pepper shakers believe it or not!

I did not really want them, but I wanted to give them a new pretty home so took them home with me!

They had really thick bottoms, so cut off the plastic bottom with a little saw! So much fun!

No, you cannot see the base they were on. That is FUGLY beyond all belief. I have it hidden away in my to alter pile and I think it's turning everything else ugly that is in with it. Might just have to go right in the bin with it....

The salt & pepper shaker holes & the bottom hole was carefully hidden with spanish moss and some plaster with silver paint. I like how they match the silver embossed metal tape I used on Regina's latest creation over at THE CUTTING CAFE, Artist Trading Blocks or ATBs. 

Have you heard of ATB's yet? I love the idea!

I chose to create a single box with a top (the smaller one) and a larger rectangle by joining two boxes. Adding a silver base to the larger one with a glass candle stick to the other was just an added bonus to fancy them up!

I think I will drop them off at the second hand store for my friend who found me these birds! If she likes them, she can take them. If not, they can hang out on the shelves and maybe make them a few dollars for the shelter pups and kitties!

Pop over on Wednesday to THE CUTTING CAFE to see all the ATB's. I can't WAIT to see them all in one place!

And one last photo of my Bird Blocks in the wee morning light. It looks like they are flying! ;-)

Hope you had a great Monday! Mine is just coming to a close and it was sunny, bright, beautiful and lovely! Just the kind of day you want to spend at your desk working! JK! ;-)


  1. mitra, you did an amazing job on this set........your work is one of a kind.......

  2. It is the end of tuesday as I write, where oh where do the days go?? I hope the birds are happy after their face lift and new home. they certainly look great!

  3. Lucky birds:):) they have a wonderful new home:):) and those gorgeous colours....thinking they're alcohol inks on the boxes??? Looking fabulous...lovely sky there in the bg, too;)!!!!

  4. Wow. You would never know this started as paper. And you're donating any proceeds to shelter babies? You ROCK!

  5. WHAT?? These are the blocks from the set? These are AMAZING Mitra!

  6. These made my heart smile!!! I can't imagine them being any more impressive. What an incredible combination of the BEST finds. You truly knocked my socks off here. These are so WONDERFUL!!


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