Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pirate Chest with Legs: ARGH MATEY!

HEY MOM! If you leave it open, the cat might sleep in this! This was said as she tried to stuff our cat into the box to show him how wonderful sleeping in a pirate's chest might be.

Eragon voted no to the arrangement by flailing wildly with claws extended. He might have let out a piratey-y yowl!

A book or two and maybe a small cuddly blanket will work much better than a grouchy cat I think!

Last week I posted our before photos! The chest was white back then and sans hardware.

Now we have it all up and running, ready for stuff!

Check out the huge pirate lock I got! Isn't that fun? I love hardware!

18 people tried to buy this over the weekend at our garage sale. It was out in the garage as I was working on modge podging the map pages inside it. I found an atlas at the second hand store the other day and I carefully picked the pages that made the most happy! Got plenty of maps left over, which also makes me happy!

Hope your Tuesday (or Wednesday) was terrific! Winding down to the end of ours here!


  1. I don't blame the 18 peeps who tried to take this dandy off your hands!! Love it!! (Even if your kitty doesn't!)

  2. Love it! I immediately wanted one and then thought about where to put it............. ah well, that's something else I want but don't need

  3. Wow the maps are a wonderful idea for the inside, considering you need a map to find the pirate treasures..... ahhh me hearty!!

  4. Hope the garage sale went well....LOOOVE how you created the pirates chest....looks GREAT!!!

  5. Great pirate chest, love the hardware. The maps a pretty cool too.

  6. Love your pirate chest, and the maps inside, thanks for sharing, and hope your move goes well

  7. I freaking KNEW this was going to be amazing!! SCORE!!!!


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