Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Old Girl, Beagle Breath, and a new Garden

We took a trip down Friday to meet the people who are moving out of our new house. They are the nicest couple ever and so happy that their "old girl" will hold a family. The house is brick with black shutters and a more formal house than I've ever lived in. It's also older than me, which is another first! (I'll post photos when it's actually mine. I felt weird taking any!)

Currently it's just the two of them and a very spoiled Beagle named Max who got a whole lot of petting since he was involved in showing us around. He shows his appreciation by breathing on you with Beagle Breath, but since he's so cute you keep petting.

It was the first time I'd seen the house, which seems like such an oddity when you are less than a month away from closing on it. When it came on the market, I sent THE MAN down to check it out. My work schedule was terrible, the kids had school and we trusted him to find someplace that would make us happy.

And he did! He face timed me into the place which is of course not like going there, but better than nothing. There is something about someone who knows you so well he can pick out someplace you will live for the next ten years....

I'm very excited about our new house. My brain is wrapping itself around new gardens, what I'll use where, and having a fire place for the first time. I was quite annoyed to find out that I will own a pink dogwood tree and I am just now finding out. See, you can't trust him to really check out the plants! He knows all the systems inside and out, but is not into the gardens! The oldest is also excited about a tree, but I'm working on a page for that, so that story is coming.

Since it's five hours to get from nearly the top of New York State to the bottom, our return trip involved stopping somewhat in the middle to see my parents. They have been hard at work at building this new rock patio and are finally to the fun part. Adding the plants!

Here is a before photo with my Dad modeling the new chairs I got for them for Mother & Father's Day.

If by the way you are ever in the market for chairs for your patio, you might want to give these a whirl. Since they are easily fold-able, I have given up patio furniture at my house and instead own four of these chairs which also can go in the camper with us. They are Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chairs and one of the best purchases I have made. No Amazon did not pay me to say that. They only love me because I have a prime account and I know how to use it. ;-)

Some of the rocks are from our North Country House, including several nice pieces of Potsdam Sandstone. In fact, there is a piece of this garden that needs to be finished and I believe they will be making a trip back up for a few more rocks before we move.

Well, I am off to do some work myself. Have a hot date with a weed eater and then an angle grinder. The lawn is growing like crazy and then I have some paint to remove from a really old lab desk that will be my new desk in the new house. 

Have a great Sunday!


  1. OH sounds like your new place will be just what you like.. I dont think I could trust my man to get a house for us... no wayyyyyy! love the rock garden and those chairs do look great! Have a great week!

  2. I'm so happy that the house it the Right Place for you guys, & that it all seems to be proceeding so smoothly...I don't know that will be happy to see a pic sometime soon! And ur folks' rock garden is looking great..I see the BBQ is still under wraps!!!!

  3. Sigh..... that was a FABULOUS read!!! OMG...SO excited!!! LOOOVED the photos :D

  4. I am surprised that you have any time to craft with all that is going on, how exciting, a new home to decorate. Looking forward to reading and viewing your pics!!!

  5. Well, that's a relief. Truly a great change! Though leaving furniture is just a payoff you have to make when moving houses. It could be fairly gnawing, since its not just the bulk or the monetary worth that you part with, but the accumulated memory as well. Glad you found a way around that with more compact seats and stuff. Ultimately, nothing is impossible with precision packing, right?

    Pedro Padro @ Orbit

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