Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kitchen Timer Alteration for LESSology's Window Display Challenge

This little alarm clock alteration required power tools! It started off life as a kitchen timer at the second hand store and was so cute and adorable, I had to bring it home!

Once I started taking it apart, I realized I was going to need HELP to get it opened up so I could alter the inside. You can see here, it's all one piece of metal.

THE MAN took an angle grinder and carefully cut open the front. He then used a dremel and a sanding tool to sand down the rough edges.

I then spray painted the bell & handle gold and used a green patina on the rest of it. More gold followed over the patina to give is a slight spatter effect.

Here you can also see that the front will open like a window! I carefully wired it on under the flowers so you could peek inside!

The little window itself is a Prima resin and had many coats of purple inks & glitter. I wanted a strong contrast and also something that was a dreamy color!

Inside I used embossed copper and a little compass as a symbol for guiding someone to find their courage!

Won't you play along with us over at LESSology for our Window Display challenge!

There is a great prize pack of Basic Gray paper up for grabs!

Happy Thursday!


  1. This is AMAZING...I knew you'd come up with something always do!!

  2. Lovely the window.. great inspiration for the challenge thanks :)

  3. I can tell Spring is in the air. This is the 4th Green and Purple combo project I've seen this week and I'll be honest...I'm more than a little giddy about it. Seriously though...I get all kinds of warm fuzzies and emotions when you open your posts with 'power tools'...OMG!!! A true to life window on a clock with a sentiment that hits home. This is a grand, GRAND project you've created Mitra!!!

  4. Beautifully done Mitra, Im sure this is even more beautiful in real life.


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