Monday, January 30, 2017

A Flying Thank You for Memorandum Monday

A couple of weekends back I spent a big part of the day in Bath, which is around a half hour away from here. Luke was at a bowling fundraiser for Civil Air Patrol. He isn't really good at bowling, so they are lucky that most of his sponsors gave him a flat rate. I made a few little cards for him to send out as thank you notes.

It was then I learned he had no idea where the address label went or the stamp...or even the return address label, which then prompted a quick lesson. Got me thinking of when I learned how to address an envelope. It was probably around third grade. When quizzed, both kids told me that since they don't have to mail things all that often, they didn't really know but yes, they learned it in third grade.

Guess it was good training as I had him fill out the envelope for his Civil Air Encampment skills. On a side note, the fund raiser was for Aerospace Education and I can't wait to hear what exciting things he's learned. I'll stick with teaching him the where the stamp goes.

Happy Monday! I'm here talking about letters and mail for Memorandum Monday with my friends over at Sian's From High in the Sky blog. If you sponsored Luke, you have my thanks and a little card is flying your way!


  1. What a great point this post makes. Addressing envelopes is still a very useful thing to know: my son filled out job applications online. But he had to post in his acceptance. (And he managed that one but posted his Granny a birthday card with no stamp on it..)

    Your thank you cards are fab.

    Wishing you a great week ahead

  2. Hah! My teenage Tim was the same..... he had no idea where the stamp went. Yet they used to get birthday cards posted to em all the time... prob ripped into the envelopes to get to the birthday money without looking st the envelopes I guess! I love your thank you cards.... cute plane!!!!

  3. Fabulous card, love the map paper on the back ground!

  4. Wow...those lost things we don't think about. I mean....they don't have pen pals like we used to.... Also...Very cool cards!


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