Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy Mail & Unhappy Mail for Memorandum Monday

It's dark this time of year when you stop at the end of the driveway to collect the mail from the box. In fact, its dark when you leave for work. Then it's hurry up to the top of the driveway to wrangle supper, opening bills in between the cooking. There is the special tear just a little of the envelope off the power bill as one never knows what delights might wait inside since you are using all kinds of extra electricity to keep things warm and lit. It's no wonder a yummy package will get set lovingly aside for a better time. A time when things aren't hurried, perhaps there is wine, and nobody is menacing you for dinner. Sometimes that good time is a wee bit off from the actual package arrived, so I'm so glad that I'm allowed a little grace in that category since it was totally worth the wait!

Since we are talking about mail over at Memorandum Monday, I'd like to share a very special piece that arrived around the holiday time frame. Huge hugs to Lisa from AZ who is hopefully experiencing slightly warmer temps. The shaker has little clear HEARTS in it and I love those clear little droplets!

Incidentally, this is the most snow I've seen for a while! After you are done enjoying all those pretty little flowers and that jingle bell? Check out how the sidewalk is clear! (Don't tell, but this kind is way better!!!)

If you'd like to join us, we're hanging with Sian from High in the Sky who has themed this years Memorandum Monday to talk about mail, letters, etc. My second choice topic was to discuss the jury summons I received, but I figured I can always save that for a later date. I am hoping that not only does the snow stay away, but they don't pick my number to hang out at the court house for jury selection.

Happiest of Clear Mondays to you!


  1. Oh no! Here's to your number not being called! I'd be no good on a jury... I haven't had to prove it yet... But they should know... so happy you opened it and that you like it. It is one of my favorite frosty makes from this past season and I knew you'd appreciate it... Merry Happy Birthday Christmas!

  2. What a beautiful Christmas decoration. All ready now for next year!! LOOOOVE the colours and those sequins! And brrrrr....shall I tell you it's going to be 30C [that's 86F] OVERNIGHT here. No joke. Awful. Least you can control how hot in your place. And get warm. Ain't gonna get cool here. And Tom's right thumb had an altercation with his band saw. You know which came off worse, right? It wasn't the sore that needed stitches [except in the 'mashed' bit which can't be stitched..... OUCH1] it's not a happy chappy place here atm. Just as my pinky is healing..... sigh....

  3. Saw. AND I have always wanted to do jury duty. I have the time. Never gotten picked. Sat for ages and told to go home. Sadly!!

  4. Oh no! I know I shouldn't mind doing my duty, but I'll admit I dread being called for jury duty. I'm glad you have the prettiest of other post to take your mind off it.

    Have a great week!

  5. I've been called to jury duty four times. The first time I served on both a criminal case and a civil case. I've never gotten past the questioning since! Nothing so beautiful in my mail since the Christmas cards stopped arriving.

  6. The peace card is beyond gorgeous...enough to spread light over all of January.


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