Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hope-Strength-Faith-Courage Breast Cancer Butterfly Tin

I put lots of good vibes, happy thoughts, and a whole lotta fight into making this pretty washi tape tin. My Mom asked for it for a friend and I got right on it. I had a simple silver tin that I had really wanted to upcycle.

I had just gotten some new fabric washi that I wanted to show case and this was a perfect place to use them. Got to try them all! You can see it a lot easier on the back side...

I added a real knob and lots of pretty flowers on top of a modge podged doily. Lots of room in this tin for treats. I used a really cool image from Regina's store THE CUTTING CAFE that was a graphic used to cover the bottom of a Hershey Kiss. I love being able to use something in a slighly different way. It made a nice centerpiece for that butterfly!

Such a pretty top! All flowered up! Sending this off to Mom soon with extra hugs and prayers for her friend!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. So awesome! This will make a smile for sure! Gorgeous!

  2. Totally lovely! Gorgeous 'tin topper' there, too. It would make me smile if I was fighting this disease, for sure. And I must say, that is one VERY cool way of using up washi tape!!! OH! And a package came in the mail for me today. THANKYOU.... your pocket letter is super awesome.... j'adore VERY much. You really did 'nail' CAS grunge! Clever cookie that you are. And it looks like you've kick started me with some bits for my Christmas card making for the year, LOL! MWAH from me....oh, and today I introduced my DIL, Neri, in Project Life. I gave her the album etc for Christmas. I think I've got her hooked after a 2 hour sesh [while the baby slept and the kids were in care!!!!]

  3. You nailed it. And it'll be much appreciated.


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