Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's All Words and Imagination D & D Party Layout

It's that fabulous time of year here where when you leave for work it's still nearly dark and when you come home it's dark, making taking a photo of a layout nearly impossible! The upside to all of that is a cozy fire, permission to scrapbook as much as you want and massive tea consumption, so I'm only complaining just a little.

It's not my Saturday to run Build Club, so here I am blogging a bit to show you a newly completed layout. My kids being cool cats didn't really want presents this year but they wanted us to host a Dungeons and Dragon Party on December 26th. Seemed like a good plan to me.

Lexi is one of the Dungeon Masters so she had a fair bit of planning to do with Will. They also required a certain set up in the living room, so I had to borrow some tables from work.

Another requirement was plastic table cloths, you know the kind with the stars on them. Since I had no idea what that might be, I bought some sparkly sticker stars which are some of the same ones that landed on this layout.

It also happens to be the season where you only have the dregs of your Christmas scrappin' paper left so I augmented a bit with those glittery letters, so not only did I use up paper scraps but also all my extra homeless letters, so I was quite pleased. Oh and what is Lexi holding in her hand? They also had a White Elephant gift exchange so I'll be making layout on that at some point soon. She happened to get number six. One of the Pratt kids kinda went overachiever on his present so it deserves a layout!

Happy Saturday to you! Hope you are adding some glitter to something somewhere! Hugs!


  1. Very cool Christmas present and very cool layout! So much fun and love the glittery letters.. my brothers used to play D&D but I never did so I have no idea... but it looks pretty cool to me!

  2. Fab LO.... you had me at the silver glitter & what a GREAT way to use up some alphas! And the white elephant pressie idea.....FUNTABULOUS!!


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