Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Legs in the Air Chalk Paint Table

THE MAN does not share my vision. In fact, at times he might say it was very clouded as far as things that need saving. By saving, I mean painting. So when this showed up out in his garage last week there was quite the eye roll, snort, and implied suggestion that this table was fugly.

I had some extra chalk paint left over from my last project and more wax and look at this edge! It was just crying out for some waxing and sanding. I had to save this table. She was tipped upside down with her legs in the air at the ReStore in their very back junk pile and had been left there since this summer. It's under an overhang, but she was still exposed to the elements. When I show you the before picture, you will see what it did to the laminte wood on the edges. For now, lets enjoy the finished piece.

Those splotches are actually gold spray paint because I got crazy and decided to add splatters like I would to a layout. LOVE them. And look at those pretty little legs!

Those legs weren't always so pretty. In fact, this table was a bit wobbly so I used a dead blow hammer & some glue to tighten the pressure fitting of the leg into the top. I also tightened all the screws and it's much better!

What a hot mess! I think maybe THE MAN had a point. Although I'm super happy with the outcome! Bringing her back down to the store as I've been told no more furniture!

Hoping this time they let her in the door to be sold. ;-)


  1. It'll be walking out the door again before you know it. It'll sell in a flash.

  2. She looks elegant and totally HAPPY now.... my fave bit is the gold splatters. What a BRILL idea! Hope she sells just so you can score an extra point with the errr 'hot mess' you sometimes rock home with. AND ....WHERE'S THE SNOW??????????

  3. So the network is down at work and I thought. Hmmm. Haven't visited Mitra in a while so here I am on my phone! LOVE! I'm so happy for that pretty table with those lovely legs. Fugly indeed! She just needed a little love! They will let her in for sure!


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