Friday, January 27, 2017

Painted Plate & Cupid Clock: Junkin at the ReStore

I always keep my eye out for hand painted plates. I have a little collection going at the moment that includes plates that my Grandma Skip made and that make me smile as I walk by them. This one is lovely in it's bright colors and shading.

E.S. Wilcox did a really nice job on those roses. I am sure she won't mind if her plate hangs out with all my other pretty plates. And check out that crazy egg? Someone local must be an egg artist as I've come cross those at the ReStore that have been cut in half and turned into boxes. This one is going the other direction and has that angel cut out of it. In fact, someone added some pretty sparkly stuff to the inside. I'm not sure how I'm going to alter the egg or in fact that crazy cupid clock, but they all made me happy.

One more close up of the clock. I think I'm going to replace the clock with a new one. It might involve some fancy smancy work though. I just really liked the lines on this piece. Plus it was only $4, how can you not want to spray paint it and mess with it for that. Or maybe I'll leave it and get all fancy with never knows. This photo has a little more snow it it for Lizzy Hill who always worries we might skip out on winter here.

Anyhow, happy Friday to you! I'm back tomorrow with a layout that I thought I had set up to post earlier this week but gasp....I never finished the post.



  1. Hey lady! ok... these are beautiful and awesome finds... but also you won one of the $5 gift certificates over at JessicaLynnOriginal...

  2. LOL! Yes I would be waaaaay disappointed if you didn't get a bit of snow on the ground. Especially at this time of year! And I'm thinking you're setting yourself up nicely for some Valentine's makeovers right there :):)

  3. Great finds, and I am sure you will find something interesting to alter the clock with.. and great snow.. can we have some.. would cool us off a bit over this way!!


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