Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Junkin' Tea Pot Treasures

One of the benefits to working in an office connected to a Habitat ReStore is that you can get your hands on the newest stuff before anyone else does. Oh wait, we don't have that benefit. Someone made a silly rule that we have to wait three days until we're able to buy a new item. Unless of course they mark something like this tea set at $50 and you are like....ah. Yeah. Not. A little too expensive for a tea set I just want to play with, three days be damned. Guess everyone else agreed with me.

So, I waited the six weeks until we had a green dot sale and pounced. It was then half off. BAM! Add in some credit I had to the store and I got this tea set for $10. My kinda bargain. Plus, then I can dress it all up with pretty candy, tea, and a flower without guilt. I did ask my MIL who dabbles in antiques if it was actually worth anything as the set appears to be hand painted Nippon. She was less than enthusastic. I guess it's worth what someone is willing to pay. ;-)

Lexi and I have been contemplating a tea party so I think I'll take my payment in memories, thank you very much. Plus, an excuse for pretty little cakes. Any Brittish peeps willing to give us some pointers, we'll take them!

Happiest of Hump Days to you!


  1. Us Brits know we can't go wrong with any recipe from the Queen of British Baking - Mary Berry! She has a lovely coffee and walnut tray bake recipe that can be cut into pretty squares. A little butterfly cake always looks good, and I guess another traditional one is a Battenberg (but not if you don't like marzipan!)or perhaps a small rock cake (tastes better than it sounds) and last but by no means least, a slice of Victoria Sandwich cake. Happy to hand across my family recipes if you want, just email me!

  2. Oh my GOSH. No way are you gonna alter this, right? It's just perfect.... regardless if it's worth a quid or not. I LOOOOVE & can just see you sitting around, pearls on neck [most necessary]; lippy on, & pinky finger in the air as you chomp on cucumber sandwiches, thinly sliced, crusts removed!!!! Oh, to be a fly on the wall........ PS: Please remember to remove hair rollers and aprons before Guests arrive, teehee!!

  3. These are really pretty pieces, worth the wait too.. the tea will probably taste really nice in such fancyness!!

  4. Mitra why don't you set up a corner of the rehab store with a couple of antique tables and chairs as a tea corner and serve tea and cakes from your vintage crockery. We love going to a little tea shop in Much Wenlock Shropshire for the very same served with Victoria sponge and Lemon Drizzle Cake. Yummy

  5. heres the link to it.


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