Monday, January 9, 2017

Take Some Time to Rest He Said for Memorandum Monday

I woke up stiff the other morning. It didn't really start to hurt until I was crawling around the floor cleaning trim off so the people who were painting behind me could paint it at Build Club on Saturday. Thankfully it was nearly the end of the day and I came home & took a hot shower. Yup, wrenched the back a bit.

The fact we were painting a lady's bedroom who is wheel chair bound from ALS did not escape me. I had quite a lot of compassion laying in bed binge watching The Magician all day Sunday. She doesn't even have a bedroom set up yet downstairs as she has been waiting on a variety of agencies to rework her house. We're the last one in and we're painting. Love the purple for her bedroom.

Anyhow, to cheer myself up I opened this awesome present from Yvonne. It came sometime during the holidays and I wanted to wait until my birthday to open it. Sometimes having a birthday neatly sandwiched in between Christmas and New Years means you are a smidge forgotten. Anyone knows a gift from Yvonne is one that you will like, so I was thinking it would be nice to wait.

Low and behold I had a ton of things to open so then I opted to save it for when I was feeling down. Tweaked back counted as being down. Such lovely good yummy things. I got caught playing with my trinkets and was told to scoot back to bed immediately by THE MAN. He had witnessed a time up north when I had to crawl around the house due to back pain so knows it's better to just use a firm voice.

He said with flashing eye balls....take some time to rest. So, I did. Maybe I did watch too many back to back shows of The Magician...I am not sure his eye balls really flashed...

Sharing this with you for Memorandum Monday which is a brain child of Sian over at From High in the Sky.


  1. Oh mitra I feel your pain as I've been resting this weekend due to back pain too. It seems the osteoporosis in my spine is worse and tying to stay positive is hard. Hope your back eases up soon. At least I don't have to work so resting is easier when the need arises. Big hugs. X

  2. I hope you feel a lot better soon x

  3. Oh I know how much a back can hurt when twiked, so I hope you are resting and healing.. A lovely gift for you to open I hope it cheered you up.. and I hope you had a happy birthday.. my daughter has a birthday on the 28th december so I understand how it feels to have a birthday in that week.. i hope you are much better soon..

  4. Ouch, hope that back fixes itself soon.

  5. Oh yes... that is quite the beautiful happy mail to get... I'd be happy sifting through all of those goodies and that beautiful canvas...

  6. EWWW! Not nice....hope you're on the mend. Backs can be tricky to treat & to know when to work through it & when to rest. Luck with that!!

  7. That is definitely NOT any way you want to spend your time; I hope your back is much better by the time you read this. I'm intrigued by your banner, and wonder where you are in the southern tier. I live in Rochester.


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