Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Nancy Drew Shelf Redo

There is this terrible shelf in my office made out of chipboard. It's a long story as to why I have to keep it, but there is no reason it should have to suffer looking so ugly...here it is in all it's glory un-dusted and un-straighted.

I had this evil plan to merge that very vintage antique wood piece, that wooden rose, some cool new molding, and this very ugly shelf into something worthy of my office. So far, so good. I've unscrewed all that icky round molding, (one is missing in this photo so you can see what I removed), cut, sanded, and screwed in the vintage wood piece, cut, sanded, and air nailed the new molding, and sanded the whole piece so it's ready for paint.

I'm really most excited about the top. Check out this close up! I'm particularly happy about those spindles we rescued as the top antique piece had to be cut down to fit. 

The good news is that we're ready to paint this! I can't wait! We'll be using the air sprayer which I'm not very good at yet, so I'm looking forward to perfecting the technique. And why do you ask are there hinges on the side? Very good question and one that will be answered when it's reinstalled. ;-)

Happy Tuesday!

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