Thursday, January 26, 2017

Birds of A Feather Birthday Layout

You ever have a cool element you want to use so you make up a title around it? Yup, did that right here. Love those swans!

My Close to My Heart consultant was selling this autumn paper packet that included those cool swans all put together. So I swam with it. (Silly Pun Intended) I added that feather as further illustration. Fun title! Also added a little shimmer spray to the photos because...well, it was pretty.

So glad this page is done. I've been feeling guilty that I've got a stash of layouts to get done. In fact, next week will be a lot of layouts of Luke...getting caught up!

Happy Saturday! Hope your day was awesome. Mine involved a lot of paper, washi, and glitter glue.

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  1. so they're paint balling, right? Love how you managed to get those swans in! And I really like the bright bit of washi tape in there, too.... AND I know just what you mean, with photos lining themselves up to be scrapped! Hoping you get to use more feathers and swans!!


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