Thursday, January 5, 2017

Inspired by Iceland Collaboration Piece

Made this piece about a month ago. I wanted to hang with some art peeps who were working on an Iceland inspired piece and I was feeling the burn of too much Christmas stuff to get done so ran with something really simple. The Stardust container came from the ReStore as did the vintage polar bear. I really liked the container but the cork top was looking a little rough.

I hand dyed a couple of small Christmas trees (also adding glitter snow) and then went to town with my hot glue gun and some fake snow. Really like the simplicity of the piece as I've been enjoying it on my window for over a month now and it still makes me smile.

Love these pieces side by side with an added penguin that also came home with me. I wasn't sure if I needed him for my piece or not! Turns out, he is happy hanging out far away from the bear!

Check out the rest of these artists! I always like to see the wide variety of items created and such talent!

PLEASE CLICK to view works for the Inspired by Iceland Challenge...


  1. I love the polar bear! The jar is pretty cool too...kind of like a symbol of the night sky in Iceland.

  2. this is lovely! No wonder it makes you smile, it looks so cute!! this has been such a fun challenge! I enjoyed it really much! greetings, Sanna

  3. What a perfect match to your holiday house! Love this idea!

  4. It is such a fun take on the challenge. Perfect to add to your holiday decor!

  5. What a cool idea this is. I'm another fan of the polar bear and I'm so glad you were able to scoop him up and give him a new home.

  6. OH wow! This is beautiful... and I can't believe how long it's been since I've been here again.. just dropped the boys off at the airport so I've been hanging by a thread in social media anyway, time to get back to normal things I guess... she says wiping the tears from her eyes... anywho! Love this! I'm jealous that you get to hang out at the Restore so much! Love that bear and that jar and that penguin!!!!


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