Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Gray Day Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

First let me wish you a Happy New Year! Bring on 2017 and all the paper & glitter we can handle! ;-)

I must admit that I owe this page to my friend Noelle who said after seeing this photo that I needed to make a huge canvas as this was the perfect photo. She is right of course. Photo creds go to THE MAN who was manning (see what I did there) the iphone that was hooked to the camera. Of course, the camera was at the perfect height on the ladder....and the fact that the phone wasn't talking to the camera for a half hour and it was snowing quite heavily did not discourage him from persisting. (We are not even discussing what fresh snow does to the dog who wiggles and snow plows with his nose)

I think it might have been 2014 when I threw the massive fit about family photos and cards and nobody caring, so lest I get the holiday crazies, everyone complies grudgingly with a photo.

I of course started with a gray woodgrain background as our current challenge over at Another Freaking Scrappy is to scrap with gray. Since it's such a nice neutral color, I figured it would really show case my photo.

For your amusement, I show you my layout against a black plastic background which is laying on a bed of snow and my slippers. It was before snow removal and so sunny and pretty out, I thought it would work well for taking a well lighted photo! I also froze, but I love you peeps like that and you are worth it.

One last close up. Those gray and red snow flakes I've had for YEARS and finally found a page that I wanted to use them on! And those little black liquor stickers I ripped off the Christmas port bottle...Love them on this page!

Well, Happiest of Sundays to you! I'm off to spend some time working on my Nancy Drew Shelves.....more on those later!


  1. Glad your lot listen to Mother & get an Annual photo without too much grumbling! LOOOOVE it...gorgeous photo of y'all. ADORE that glove on the side, too...& everything finds a place eventually I reckon! Also, the snow! So good of you to freeze your A off for us in Oz. Makes me feel lovely & cool, heehee!!!

  2. LOVE this layout Mitra, so bright and colourful. Fabulous photo, I reckon it was worth throwing a hizzy fit for. The pops of red look great and touches of green, really festive . That mitten is pretty cute as well . Happy New Year to you


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