Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Everyday Greeting GCAS Pocket Letter for The Cutting Cafe

Goodness, haven't made a pocket letter in like forever. Good thing Regina wanted us to use her Everyday Greeting File. Her extra requirement was to make the card Clean and Simple or CAS. I opted to add one extra word. Mine are GCAS, which stands for Grungy Clean and Simple.

Ohhhh, you haven't ever heard of that before? Well of course you haven't since I just made it up. I was feeling sad about not adding splatters, some inking on the side and distressing my paper. So I opted to run with a clean and simple grunge.....And I can honestly assure you? This is like 10% of what I would normally add to one of my creations. ;-)

Pulled out my teeny tiny stamps and very bitty flowers and BAM, something pretty simple! Oh and yes had to also add staples. Staples make me happy too!

Love these little cards! I can't wait to add some goodies and send this pocket letter off to a friend!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I have never made a pocket letter and yet I think they are amazing! Maybe because all the ones I've seen - including this one - set the bar so high I'm not sure I could keep up. I like how you dealt with the CAS issue

  2. Lol... bet as soo as it was photographed you frenziedly pulled out & added stuff!!! That would be sooooooo hard to just 'leave' as GCAS... new acronym never goes astray .... AND tbh... it really showcases the sentiments beautifully :):)

  3. Hahahaha. Wait til you see my post. I also made up a term. I was wondering how you'd handle this one. Love them!

  4. I was wondering how she was going to handle this one to Lisa....CAS to awesome....hugs

  5. I REALLY like your pocket letter. I first made one for The Cutting Cafe for the Breast cancer assignment. I want to copy this one that you made. This is a good use of the sentiments and I like the grunge style. I agree that I could not leave the sentiment to stand by itself. I think this is beautiful!!

    Krista H/Cutting Cafe D-Team


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