Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cozy & Snug Sittin' on Pleather

So, today is the big night. TRICK O' TREATING for all the small people.

Mine bailed. WAY too wet out there for them. They are also nearly too old to go traipsing through people's yards in search of treats.

We will be hanging out in our comfy living room watching something fantastic like Merlin on Netflix, eating pizza and sitting on our new couches!

I got new furniture when we moved, but sadly although it was super duper expensive, it did not last. We heard later that the expensive stain treatment we paid for is rumored to actually EAT fabric, which appeared to be the case with the old couches.

So I got smart this time. Bought the cheapest stuff possible in PLEATHER.

My friend has like 18 dogs and bought one of these cheap couches a couple of years ago and it's still going strong. That is my kind of kid & dog proof kind of thing.

Dude at Big Lots told us what night to come back for the biggest discount. Got a couch, loveseat, and chair for around $700 which is approximately what one couch cost the last time.

What I really wanted to show you was my wall of second hand store silver platters and framed poster that is so faded it's not funny.

Was really excited to put a quick collection together of plates & platters for a very small amount of money. A few of them were by the door at the second hand place in a box marked $1. Just took some elbow grease to get them all pretty. I can see them from my chair and they make me happy.

I am in the process of ordering a large sized print for the wolf poster we have had since college making it nearly older than dirt.

Happy Thursday! If you are headed out in search of chocolate and treats, have a great night where ever you are!


  1. Noooo we dont 'do' the trick or treating.. and your lounges look comfy.. I hope you get lots of wonderful lazy time in them....

  2. You did an amazing job picking your new furniture! That would have chapped my hide on the expensive stuff too. I can tell just by seeing the cozy room, what a fantastic family time you will all have!! Those platters look FANTASTIC!!! :D It's so fun seeing sneak peeks into people's happy places.

  3. I LOVED peeking into your home!! Very neutral, classy & looks UPMARKET to me!! NICE lounge!! Beautiful views & LOVING your simple window treatments!!


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