Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Too Blonde Layout for Peru Album

Nipped out on my porch in the wee hours of the early mornin' sunshine to take a picture of this page.

Currently I have it smashed in the Peru album in hopes it gets flatter, since sometimes the mist just makes it curl a bit!

Got a Copper Perfect Pearls mist from Ranger and those gold letters below at the Scrapbook & Cards Crop and Create in Cornwall,Ontario a few weeks ago and also made this page!

Took me this long to get a photo taken and the journaling done! ;-)

My favorite part of this page are the gold letters, copper misted "say what?" and black & white bow tie.

In a close tie with the shiny sparkly letters for my affection is the actual story behind the page. Here is my journaling.

Visiting the village at the base of Machu Picchu was an experience. Known as Aquas Calientes, this little town was bursting at its seams. The Urubamba River divides it so the sound of running water, buses, and people is continuous. You can tell it’s growing by the projects going on everywhere. We were walking down the ramp heading down into town when I stopped to take a photo of a water feature. Incas & modern day Peruvians appear to be able to build these little structures extremely well! Machu Picchu is littered with them!

We encountered five or six squat muscle bound men & boys pushing wheelbarrows full of bags of cement up the incline. For the record, I like to move my large bags of cement with a tractor. They slowed when I popped into view. The boss started yelling rapidly in Spanish behind them chiding them and telling them to get their butts back to work! I felt badly. I am not THAT blonde, but I do look very different than the Peruvian ladies!

While searching for the right name of the town, I came across this amazing website that makes you feel like you standing in the midst of it. Check it out here! You can see Incan stone work and all kinds of construction!

My other very favorite part of this page is that crazy flower I made! It was a make n take sponsored by Maya Road. Very yummy!

Hope you enjoyed a little wander down a path you may not have taken yet! I sure enjoyed that website & making this page. Brought me right back to last year!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. gorgeous...................looks like you have a beautiful home....hugs

  2. Glad you mentioned the flower..it is stand-out Gorgeous!!!! How much more of Peru to do??? Or should I NOT ask!!! You gonna need flatter pages, methinks...a few PL ones in between, eh????!!!!!!!

  3. Fun story - maybe it was your overall gorgeousness they were eyeing off, not just your blonde locks...


  4. Fabulous layout, love the bow and flower embellishments and I always love reading your stories.

  5. I can only imagine the wonder of visiting that exciting place and love your travel pages.. that flower is amazing!


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