Thursday, October 17, 2013

Feeling Grubby: PERU PAGE

This morning I sent my family off with nicely packed lunches, but when I went to make my own lunch, there was only a box of instant mac and cheese! I had used up all the bread, cheese and lunch meat!

I must fire the housekeeper. Oh wait. That is me!

So, I hear grubs are yummy.

Oh I did not try them in Peru. They seemed like they would be wiggly. Or perhaps you cook them....

I did google them which is how I know they are yummy.

Want a close up?

I think mostly they showed us just to torture the tourists. Cool by me, it was a fun photo!

Here is a side view!

One of my favorite new things is a dot of perfect pearls with a sequin pushed over top so just a little squeezes out of the hole! OH love that camera too!

Consider it a HINT of what I am posting tomorrow!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love the perfect pearled sequin :):) do NOT love the idea of the grubs......we have witchety grubs here that are SUPPOSED to be yummy...native food.....not my cuppa at ALL!!!!!

  2. Great layout but I'm not so sure about the grubs either however we did eat crickets and sea snails in Vietnam recently, the crickets were OK but the snails were a bit average.

  3. Your layout is fantastic! I love all of the sparkle and glitter mixed in with the grubs! We find a smaller version sometimes when we dig in the yard, not sure I would want to eat them...

  4. This layout turned out to be STUNNING! Love the rich colour and your awesome design!!!


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