Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sending Fall to Julie

We typically have four good season changes here in Northern NY although they are not all the same in size.

We have early spring which stretches on forever finally morphing into late spring which is gone in a blink, summer which is hot and heavy for a good ten weeks, fall which sometimes seems like it lasts a week or two and then prewinter, winter, more winter, late winter, and we're back around again.

I forget that everyone else does not get to enjoy fall which is by my reasoning the best season ever.

This year it was gone in a blink. Although we have had some amazing Indian Summer which resulted in some serious gardening for me last weekend and sore muscles.

Julie of the Tucker-Wolek Clan previously lived in New York and is now in sunny Arizona. We think fond thoughts of Arizona usually when we are shoveling snow for the fifth time in a day. She does miss fall though and was wishing for some fall weather on Facebook a while back.

Thought I'd send her some. I filled this little altered metal box up with leaves! I dipped them in wax first so they will last a little while longer.

She can't crunch them underfoot sadly...

THE MAN likes to give me a hard time for too much crunching when we are walking in our woods. He has been taught like a hunter to tread lightly. Not me, I like to make as much noise as possible. It's way funner.

And one last photo of our woods taken just a few days ago. I was standing on our small water fall looking up stream. Leaves have nearly all fallen and the woods smells delicious. So pretty. 

Happy HUMP Day Peeps and enjoy the small little FALL I am sending your way, Julie! Maybe you can trade me your winter?


  1. OH what a lovely little container... love the photo of your trees too.. It is supposed to be spring here but some days it feels like it has just skipped to summer!!

  2. I'll second the other Lizzys's been so hot here....sorry, Mitra !!!!! Lovely idea, the leaves & those shots of your woods. Simply MAGICAL.... Do I see Robin Hood there in the distance???!!!! Oh...wrong country. Never mind.........

  3. LOVE this little FALL box, what a great idea. Hope your friend enjoys her fall from your corner of he world. Like the brook picture too.

  4. OMYGOSH!!! You are the BESTEST!!!!! You know I miss Fall sooooooooooo much!!! I miss leaves (as much as I know you probably hate raking them! LOL!!) This is just gorgeous!! WOW WOW WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Thanks love for making my day!!!!

  5. Yep, best season ever! A lovely, autumn-y post

  6. Miss those woods..... :-/ and fall in the North Country. Hope all is well :)

  7. WHat a wonderful idea to trade winter for autumn :D !! I loved the fall box..

  8. How adorable! I wish I could send you some continual sunshine but I do try my best via my blog :)))) xo


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