Monday, October 21, 2013

Owl Candle Sticks for THE CUTTING CAFE

The really awesome part about Junkin' here in the North Country is that often what you left behind one week is still there the next.

Especially when it's a fabulous set of miss-matched orange colored candle sticks. See them below? One is orange and the other is a darker orange. I had passed them up the week before for lack of a project although I was pretty sure a bit of silver mirror paint would make them look all Halloweenie.

This week's assignment at the THE CUTTING CAFE was to use fall or Halloween files. Which made me think of how much I really wanted owl candlesticks. Well, it was more like Regina's awesome file made me think of how much I wanted to make something with Owls. Owls wearing a witch hat? Even better. Check out the cutting file here. Two different choices of owls with a variety of coolness. 

So anyway, a bit of a marriage here of weird little gold metal things, cheap candle sticks, silver mirror paint, and cutting file and I'm a happy girl with cool owl candle sticks. 

Make that GRUNGY owl candle sticks. Halloweenie owls with a metal embossed zebra body, weird googlie eyes, dimensional modge podge, spray painted black & silver roses, and a bit of some dyed cheese cloth. 

Fun times. Did I mention that the candles smell like cake? Halloweenie cake you know the kind with the half melting candy corns and the whip cream frosting? 

Happy Monday!

Pop on over and check out the reveal on Wednesday. Regina likes to give a file away for people who comment. More fun times!


  1. These look amazing.. love the googly eyes!

  2. Wow, you really did make those candle sticks ALL Halloweenie! Great work, Mitra. Love the little owls the best, especially their witch hats.

  3. girlie girlie girlie.....these are drop dead amazing..........

  4. I an loving these witchy owl candle stand !

  5. These are fantastic! Spooky owl candlesticks -- perfect!

  6. These couldn't be more fantastic! Amazing project!


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