Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pin Worthy Project: Book Page Trees

Inspiration for me usually comes from reading blogs, mucking around Pinterest, or finding something & getting an idea. Spotted a few folded book trees on Pinterest the other day.  Checked them out and found this tutorial the most helpful. The folding is easy peasy. I did also find sticking to around 40 pages is optimal for my attention span and how full I wanted my tree.

Yes, one ended up in the trash. The other thing I found was really focusing on nice neat folds is pretty important. ;-)

I wasn't ready to make any trees until I found cheap silver candlesticks at the second hand store and a friend passed back a couple of books I had lent her.

FOR THE RECORD, these were perfectly good books. I considered donating them off to the second hand store, but they were a little on the racier side. No I'm not telling you what they were. Although if you look real close you might figure it out.....or at least read something that makes you blush...

Here they are again, full size so you can see the little silver finial at the top & knob on the smaller tree. You can easily trim the bottom to have different sizes.

You can also fancy them up with PRIMA-Vintage Trinkets Charms - Paris which is one way to get your flowers & decorations out into your home where you can enjoy them too!

Thanks for sending me some mica chips to play with Lizzy Hill via Yvonne Yam. You can see they are posing as snow here, but will be glued to something before long! Like them so much better than real snow....

Happy Tuesday! One Pin down and a whole bunch to go...at least this one is calorie free!


  1. You are amazing, I have not seen anything like this before.. they look wonderful, especially coming into the christmas season.. and I cant read the words but it could make for an interesting discussion at the dinner table at christmas time!! If people are quiet it may not just be they are eating but reading as well!

  2. Heeheee...have to love the other Kizzy's comment...g'arn, I DARE you....pop em on the Chrissy table!!!!!! I love em, but I've given up on folding paper after my Other effort last year. I'll leave it to you to do yummy work like this...glad you got the mica...I went & bought more after Yvonne started me on it......LOOOVE that stuff!!!!!!!

  3. Wowwwwwww!! These are just fabulous!!! So gorgeous!!!!!

  4. The candle sticks were a great idea to use and I think Christmas day is going to be interesting , everyone will be trying to read the tree hehe,

  5. Er ma gersh....I am lurving these trees! I have to say that I have a couple AMAZING trees from you, but how awesome are this years renditions!!! As always, I lmao at your story. :) These are so groovy chica.

  6. ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk love love love

  7. I had seen book paper folding art earlier but noting like this !! I loved how you have tone the base n top of the tress n embellished them !

  8. Oh wow these look so fabulous! Well done on all the folding and I love the simple classy embellishments!


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