Monday, October 28, 2013

Dryer Vent Pumpkin with Cutting Cafe Metal Tag

I had this awesome dryer vent pumpkin I pinned the other day and upon a recent trip to the attic of the barn, I discovered we had extra dyer vent. 

THE MAN was not so enthusiastic. His discovery of the project was after said dryer vent was already hacked up and prepped for spray painting. ooopsie!

Who says if you use cinnamon sticks as a stem that you can't also add a peacock feather for good measure? Purely hypothetical question there. But of COURSE you would need a cool tag! ;-)

My tag was originally a metal belt buckle which was silver. I spray painted it gold and added the circle graphic from THE CUTTING CAFE. I covered the whole thing with dimensional modge podge so it's got a nice feel to it. 

I used the With Gratitude printable stamp set and printed on photo paper. Love how pretty it turned out!

I am displaying my crazy pumpkin right by the TV near my newest junk yard find.

Both things may make THE MAN twitch a little, which is why I have them out in plain sight for his viewing pleasure. ;-)

Posting about the trip to the junk yard tomorrow. Things like that only make a marriage that much better.

Happy Monday!


  1. this is one amazing so rock it

  2. Ohhhhh- what a great pumpkin. Love. love, love it. Yes, the peacock feather just adds that extra touch.

  3. Your pumpkin looks fabulous and yes, the peacock feather NEEDED to be there!

  4. Oh you crack me up.. haha.. yeah put it where he can see it because it looks AMAZINGGGG!! and the cinnamon sticks will smell pretty good too I reckon.. love your punkin!!

  5. Oh..This is funtabulous !! I had never know a dryer vent could look this fab..I loved the cinnamon stick stem n peacock feather both !

  6. You are soooo mean to your poor, long suffering DH....but obviously, he still needs a tad of training - he's gotta learn to CONTROL THAT TWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you come up with these ideas...the vent one is genius...but I don't have that imagination:):):)

  7. love this pumpkin, and your story of the junkyard too!

  8. I love seeing you tackle those Pinterest ideas, but I think this knocks that idea out of the water. Loved your post part about DH finding the vent ready to use...LOL. Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission I always say! Such a terrific holiday decoration and perfect next to your newly found gem :)


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