Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Tree: Using Up Paper Scraps

The other day I was pawing around in my Halloween scraps which is for some reason a rather large bag full of smaller sized pieces. I had this idea to make a pie chart so I was cutting useless pieces at an angle and sticking them down.

Cut my circle and was immediately annoyed since it looked nothing like I wanted.

The left over scraps however looked super though.

Combined them with a recent photo I took of my favorite dead (or dying) tree and holy Halloweenie!

Now, you may recall the same tree as the feature in another layout. So, I might be a bit obsessed with it.

I was really pleased with how it all worked together accidentally.

Here is the full size image of my neighbor Joe's tree. There was a turkey vulture convention and in fact there are four or five of the birds you can't even see due to the angle I took the photo.

I bailed out on the side of the road in the rain to get the shot. 

Turkey Vultures are so Halloweenie!

See, we are all not the decorating types here in the middle of nowhere. No one really stops in for candy so decorating the yard is a bit wasted.

I do like some fun things up in the house, but skip most all of it except the candy eating part.

Now Joe has some free LIVE decorations! Ooooolala! Good thing I don't have to try to keep up with him. Next thing you know he will be putting orange and black bows on the goats!

And just a quick little side view. I really liked the dimension on this page. 

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. This is awesome!!! LOVING how you used those scraps!!!!!

  2. Fabulous layout and love the thought of using up the scraps, awesome photo too.

  3. That is such an eerie tree... great way to use up those scrap bits... fabulous layout...

  4. Love it! Those colours are popalicious...pummpkinicious????? And your POOR dying tree - well, the neighbours - & I think you are VERY clever creating this page from scraps ......soooo you ditched the pie graph????????

  5. I loved the fun bg you created with those paper scraps !!

  6. Wish I'd seen this page earlier. I had no drive to decorate at ALL this year. Just not in the Halloween mood; except we DID buy candy and had hot cider through the evening. However, your photo of your tree is the best. The scraps used together look wonderful and like everyone agrees...your layouts ARE the best. It's been so rejuvenating spending the morning here. :)


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