Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Peace Love and Twinkies

Yesterday I mentioned a trip to a junk yard....and here is the follow up story to that!

A couple of weekends back THE MAN announced his intentions of heading to a junk yard. He was hot on the trail of some rims in this trailer project he's doing and I wasn't about to let him go alone.

Think of the wonders he might see without me. I spend far too much time stalking the Funky Junk Interiors blog so I can't take all the blame for being crazy about rusty metal. I am inspired. ;-)

So like any able bodied female, I suggested nicely that I attend this outing. Might have pouted a bit. Of course I won. I am sure THE MAN was unable to resist my charms.

We woke up bright and early and I donned my best stomping boots.

I had visions of treasures and a nice breakfast.

THE MAN evidently had visions of finding exactly what he wanted fairly quickly and for cheap. 

He left out the part that the junk yard we were traveling to was owned by one of the planet's largest dicks. 

Ok, so that is really not polite. However, I could have used stronger words like environmental terrorist. 

Anyhow I suggested as we rolled through town that stopping for a quick bite might be nice. No dice. Drove by all sorts of places to eat. 

Got to the junk yard in the town of Madrid. Not pronounced like the rest of the world pronounces the capital of Spain, oh no. We have to be different. Said like MAD-rid.

I was a bit disappointed. THE MAN said it would be similar to my friend Lisa's Scrap Yard. That was not so. It was of course a whole lot messier. Scrap yards imply that stuff is all taken apart and leaving on trucks ready to be made into more stuff. This was more like metal on wheels everywhere and some of the puddles were shimmery with rainbows of leaking fluids.

Lisa would eat someone's liver if they made a big mess like that.

THE MAN was directed towards a pile of tires and rims. In the midst of the rims and tires was a pick up missing rims and tires but the bed was filled with interesting metal items. It was also near the flattened radiator sculpture. 

I took a small break from looking at rims to look in the bed of the pick up truck. Spotted eight things I wanted. Grabbed that wooden pulley first.

THE MAN snapped at that point. HON-ey, they don't like it when people pick through their stuff and all that, we have to just look at the rims.

Sneakily hid the pulley in the middle of the rims we were possibly buying and went back to looking. 

Have I mentioned I don't have a long attention span?

Shortly there after I decided I might die in the middle of all the tires and pretty puddles without another cup of coffee and a snack.

Really if I had been properly fed, I wouldn't have wandered into the little convenient store. 

Grabbed a cup of coffee and a twinkie. WHICH was bit of excitement for me as they are finally now back in the gas stations like they should be.

Three dudes and a girl wearing suits were also there. Not sure who they were, but they quickly violated my personal space and gave me the heebie jeebies.

It was like we were all there buying coffee together only I didn't know them one bit nor did I wish to.

Escaped as soon as humanly possible and wandered back to the tires and rim section, bits of twinkie and coffee making me happy. 

Met up with THE EXTRA GRUMPY MAN who was also starting to get hungry and who hadn't found exactly the rims of his dreams. He also had to deal with the owner of the fine establishment who we can call Dick for lack of a better name. 

He suggested I help carry the rims, but no, my hands were full of a snack. 

He had already paid for his rims and quickly realized I had stashed a prize. 

Got the HAIRY EYE BALLS and impression that perhaps getting into the truck quickly and not talking for a few minutes might be best. 

Ah, why can't we all just get along? Peace, Love and Twinkies. ;-)


  1. LOL......& did he get something to eat before he REALLY turned into a bear????? And Dick deserved that:):)!!!!!!!!!!

  2. too funny again - you do meet some interesting people (ok, dicks, lucky you..)

  3. Environmental terrorist.....the terms you use...lmao. MAD-rid holds some interesting people, I must concur but I'm thrilled to see your diamond in the rust. :) Also, LONG live the Twinkie!!!!


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