Saturday, October 12, 2013

Golden Birthday Candy Tower

My oldest turns 13 tomorrow. 

It seems like yesterday when she was saying ME SASSY and pointing to herself. She wasn't kidding! I blame most of that on the Pratt side of things. ;-) 

Anyhow, three of her closest BFFS are heading over shortly for a LAN Party. In fact, I have to hurry as they are going to be stealing my laptop.

Local Area Network Party....meaning that THE MAN has got a long table set up downstairs with a power strip so they can all play the same on-line game together.

Interestingly enough, they do that all the time already, but this time will be in the same place! 

It's kinda hard to twist your brain around how kids play these days. She also has a game of flashlight tag planned after dark, so there is bit of good ole fashioned play planned too!

The other game planned is Fluffy Bunny. You stuff a marshmallow in your mouth and say FLUFFY BUNNY. Repeat until someone is rendered speechless. Don't ask me, it sounds terrifying.

It's her Golden Birthday meaning that she is 13 on the 13th. Also born on a Friday after a long bit of labor, she has kinda lived up to expectations!

I have been hoarding these tart pans for ages to get enough to make a tower. She squealed when she saw it. I think she likes it or maybe just likes all the candy! 

Decided to mix it up with metals here. The top one is coppery colored with a gold spray painted edge. The middle is an aged copper and the bottom is silver. In between I have a spray painted glass candle stick and a glass lamp part between the bottom two pieces. I have some mirror paint I have been playing with again and the look turns out to be like old mercury lamps. Very pretty. Hard to see here, but I have a project coming up later with that.

It is ALL held together with some gorilla glue. Gotta love that stuff.

Anyhow, small peeps are almost here. Wish me luck!

Oh and PS:  This idea would work for the LESSolgy Kitchen Raid challenge! These tart pans work for a LOT of fun projects!


  1. Another eldest was born on the 13th - but July.....& I'm not sure what I like best about this...the actual photo [nicely taken, LOVELY light], the GORGEOUS 'stack'....or the yummy lollies....!!!! And distance gaming on the same table....interesting concept. LIKING the marshmallow idea. I guess the word ends up like a CURSING word that you're usually not 'allowed' to say!!!!

  2. I do wish you luck but they seem very organised so I bet it all goes well. Love your lolly tower, fountain, it looks awesome.

  3. Well I guess by now the party is over and I hope everyone had fun and an obscene amount of candy and game playing.. I hope your eldest has had a happy birthday and welcome to life with a teenager, hehe!! (insert wicked laugh here!!)

  4. Happy birthday to her!!!! LOVING that candy stand!!! So unique!!!

  5. Googness gracious me IN LOVE with this tower of golden goodness!!!! Gorilla glue you say? How about hot glue?? Not as good?! This is amazeballs! Happy birthday dear Lexi! My kids would love a LAN party but we don't have a room big enough!!!

  6. HEAD OVER HEELS loooooove this!!! What a beautiful creation. I think it's the most incredible 3 tiered dish I've EVER seen. You get serious parent points for this party and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Belated, but still genuine Birthday wish to Lexi. What a hoot!!
    Absolutely pin worthy...doing it now :)


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