Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hatching a Plan

The other day my sister in law texted me to see if my oldest would like a particular movie for her birthday. I considered my text back to her carefully lest she think we were really odd.

See we don't own any movies. Or CDs. Or that many books for that matter. Well, that is not exactly true. We own a ton of stuff digitally. So, I texted my sister in law, no thanks because we can just rent that movie from Amazon Prime or watch it on Netflix. Takes up way less space electronically! ;-)

It's an odd thing, owning less. Find that morphing over into my scrapbooking too.

Early this past summer, when we were dropping the oldest off at camp and I dropped my purse in the toilet, THE MAN threw down a challenge.

We were discussing the future when the small people headed out on their own & how to pass along the digital things like for instance the trillion photos we have electronically.

I said it would be nice if there was a program that sorted all that out and also included the scrapbooking pages I made made of various events digitally.

Although he was driving, I felt a prickly hairy eye ball slide my way from across the truck.

He said, you do know the pictures are king. You just like making pretty things and working with your hands. Admit it.

I squirmed a little. Came up with a couple of defensive things I might say and then gave up.

He had promised a stop soon which included a pee break and candy bar. Since we were driving in the middle of nowhere, such things had precedence.

Meaning that despite all the pretty pages, really it all comes down to the photos.

His more recent challenge involved digitizing all my pages into electronic format. Since they take up a large cabinet and the top shelf of my closet, it seems kinda daunting.

This time not wanting a candy bar, I started throwing up road blocks like for instance not having a fancy dancy camera. THE MAN said, I will buy you whatever you want and do all the research. You probably don't need a fancy camera just want one!

It's an odd concept. Making something by hand and then turning it into something digital. Can't go directly digital, the idea gives me the heebie jeebies. I really LIKE cutting up the paper and sticking down flowers...not to mention wearing glitter on my face at least daily.

However, if your dream involves riding around North & South America in an RV? Might want to wrap your brain around having less! Wish me luck.

Hatching a plan now. Starting with a micro project called Peru.


  1. I really loved your post today. The photo is gorgeous. Did you take it?

  2. Oooorighty!!! Soooo now we know what you're sorta up to.....good luck:):):) and I loved reading Thoreau - clever man he was:):):)) And that Planned Trip for Later On sounds faaaaabulous:):):)

  3. As the RV trip won't happen until the small ones are grown and independent. I say carry on making pages but consciously divide them between the small ones so that when you are ready for the RV trip you just hand the albums over to them, along with memory sticks of the pictures and then pick up your new all-whistles-and-bells camera and leave, promising to send postcards.

  4. Well yes I agree with you.. we should live as modestly as we can and only have what we use to live.. however I am guilty of having quite a bit of scrapbooking papers etc but I hope when I go to the big campervan park in the sky the layouts I have created for my kids and others will live on and bring some joy to them as I have created with love.. I like the saying... leave only footprints...

  5. I the only one who now can't stop thinking of the movie Christmas Vacation?? Favorite RV quote...."The ___________ full." HAHAHAHA
    If you have family, love and have plenty :)
    Roll on....


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