Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cupcakes, Apple Crisp, and Scrappin!

LOOK at all those ladies working hard and how many tables...talk about scrappin mojo!

Scrapbook & Cards hosted a Crop and Create in Cornwall, Ontario which happens to be around an hour and a half from my house. Not far at all since some of that time involves sitting on the bridge waiting to be let into Canada. ;-)

Me and Cornwall go way back.
It's the closest town over the border. The possibility exists THE MAN and I may have headed across once or twice in college when we were under our drinking age here in the States for a purchase or two. ;-)

Now Scrapbook & Cards is a free down loadable magazine. It's pretty cool, you can even hear the pages turn on your pc. ;-) I have not spent much time looking at their publication, but I can however tell you that the event they hosted was amazing!

As amazing as the cupcakes & apple crisp we had for dessert!

Now, I am not one to go scrappin in public.

For one thing I am not well behaved. I like messy and was afraid I might be a menace with my mists and dirty fingers and spread out all over tendencies. I also never spend that much time all at once on a layout. I flutter in and add a thing or two and flutter out. A day later the page is finished and I'm never sure how much actual time was spent.

I am also bad at classes. Hand me some paper and adhesive and I'm off. Ears shut & blinders on.

I went for the company actually. Met up with the fabulous Anne Pennington and her posse!  That is her in the top photo on the left. Had to be quick to catch her, she was SHOPPING HARD. Just a little iphone picture to capture the moment so yes a bit blurry!

We had two independent scrapbook stores to browse through. One is local to Cornwall and one I have frequented before.

Sweet Sentiments & Auntie Em's were awesome! I bought lots of fun stuff! That is Auntie Em's below. FEAST YOUR EYES ladies! The Prima was on the back side...I had a ball picking flowers! I did not take a photo. Thought maybe it would be a bit mean. ;-)

The BEST part though was getting to meet Vicki Boutin and getting the REAL DEAL on what it's like to work in the Scrappin' Industry.

Something to the effect of:  I don't want to dash your dreams but....

Yes, she dished the dirt. I am noisy like that. From here it looks glamorous, but I had this feeling....

Also met Nichole Harper and Angie Blom as far as scrap stars go!

And one last photo because I am just a little mean....

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Looks like a blast!! I loveeeeee the photos!!!

  2. Wow all those ladies together! I hope they had a great time.. a little bit of temptation with those cakes though!!

  3. I would fling sarcastic comments about your mean streak and insatiable desire to flaunt that scrumptious food in my face; HOWEVER, you are totally forgiven as you've aided in the Minckler families' Twinkie addiction. Loved those photos chica and the superb array of temptations to be purchased!!

  4. Mitraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - loving your blog entries - was so much fun to finally meet!!! Sorry I couldn't see you Sunday to get some photos together.

  5. Oh that DOES look like yummy fun! So glad you got to have a little 'Jol' as we call it here (pronounced jawl) yummy Prima and yummy cakes! The scrappy buzz is like the fashion biz - lots of hard work goes on behind the scenes and the expectations are high!


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