Thursday, October 10, 2013

LESSology Challenge #30: Magnetic Board for the Kitchen Raid Challenge

I came up for the idea of a magnetic hanging frame in the kitchen after I got sick of things on my fridge. I thought that it would be a great place for the school calendar as well. Plus it works nicely with our latest challenge over at LESSology for raiding the kitchen for project supplies!
I made the original hanging frame back in November of 2011 and it was getting very faded. Plus, everyone forgot to write in the days on the calendar every month rendering it a bit useless. ;-) 

Here is a before photo. 

The actual base was originally a very thin piece of board with a pink wash and just a plain black frame. 

One night I gave my Big Shot a rather large work out and embossed piece after piece of aluminium tape. 

I carefully covered just the front of the frame with these embossed metal stickers. 

Then it was time for some paint. Wanted a pearl pink look so used some liquid pearls for my pink color. 

A quick sand and my frame was ready for metal!

Getting the metal was a little adventure in itself. I went to a local steel yard with my frame and got to pick out the exact gauge of steel I wanted. Then, pulled around back and some dude cut it to size.

Of course being raw steel, I then had to paint and rust treat before I could cover with chalk board paint. 

See, I couldn't make up my mind! It's not only magnetic, but also a chalk board! ;-)

If you look closely, I also went over my textured frame with a brown Stazon Ink pad. Love how pretty that recycled book page flower still looks. It's magnetic now so I can move it around.

My vintage silverware is also magnetic! I wanted to be able to easily take everything off this board for washing!

A fun practical project that hopefully inspires you to go on a kitchen raid yourself & play along! 


  1. Saw this over at lessology...this is just soooo clever & looks brill & I am seriously impressed by your up/re-cycling:):):)

  2. This is sooooooooooo awesome!! WOW!!! I love it!!!!

  3. "THIS STUFF...this stuff right here!!" (pointing to the screenshot of the aluminum tape) "THAT is what I want for Christmas!!" I said to my husband just now :) Mitra, I'm in love with your frame. That tape and your skills and inking did a total transformation. AWESOME!!!! Wouldn't that look wonderful with a fan blade wreath hanging next to it?? LOL
    Thanks for the morning inspiration :)

  4. Your work is beautiful!
    We'd love to have you apply for the Design Team!

  5. This looks amazing, definitely a wonderful make over for your frame!


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