Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Artist Layout for ScrapFriends

Recently I got this photo of my Grandma Skip in the mail. Well, actually I got it twice, once in a Christmas card and a second time in a thank you card, but who is counting! ;-)

Anyhow, since we had been talking about a recent trip my parents took to visit my Grandma, I thought I'd make a page of what they were excited about.

She has always been a painter as long as I've known her.

I mean, she's done other stuff to pay the bills, but she can do super cool things with oil paints and water color.

Recently she moved in with my Aunt Caryl and everyone has been encouraging her to take up the brush again!

I can imagine she might feel like I did when we moved. Very lost in the art department and wondering where to start!

Well, a sketch is always a nice jumping off point. I used this one from ScrapFriends for their January sketch challenge.

I won some 13 Arts Ayeeda Paints on the Facebook Once Upon A Sketch page the other day and decided to give them a try. Creamy pretty goodness!

I actually just dabbed on the paint and used a flat tool to smoooooooosh it around and mix up the paint a little.

You can see some of that lovely paint goodness sneaking out from under my wee banners which was an addition I made to the sketch.

You can also see a feather I tucked in there! Goes along with my Lizzy Hill cut Grandma out style! ;-)

Happy Hump Day!


  1. This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors, the paint, the flower and the feather!!!!!

  2. A real "eye candy" page. Love the color combo, with your paints. Pretty picture of your grandma. I see this artsy stuff has come down the line in your family.

  3. your mix of elements and bold use of colours! Hope your grandma picks up the brush again and gives you some pointers...that would be cool!

  4. Look at you, cutting up Granny!!!! And the banner...LOOOOOVE it....can't say thanks for playing along at SF anymore....but I'm glad you did....they seem to make your pages more fantasticer than ever!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh...grammies are the best, aren't they??? I love your page and her smile lights it up! :D

  6. Gorgeous layout. Love the addition of the banners. Your background paint work is fabulous. Thank you for joining us at ScrapFriends!


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