Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dragon Skin Covered Box with Hand Dyed Ribbons & Gems

Shirley gifted me this very sturdy card board box recently and it was screaming FIX ME. No not really screaming, but I kept looking at it wanting to put cool paper and bling on it!

The glass knob, ribbon, metal corners, glass feet, and little gems make me so happy!

Enjoyed making the top the most with some Prima Gems, roses, and an edge off an antique pillow. Love reusing stuff!

One more photo of the top looking at the box from the side. I really love the metal on the front. The scallop under the rose gem came from the second hand store and had India engraved on the bottom. Not sure what it was used for previously but made a nice decoration.

The gems you can see dangling off my ribbon are Prima Genie Stones that I got from the Funkie Junkie Boutique.

And, what purpose will this box serve in my home?

Currently it's hanging out on my desk with my new antique clock. Yes, it still works! Picked this up at the second hand store the other day because it was super cool. Remind me to give it to Tim Holtz when I meet him. Seems like something he'd think was awesome-sauce!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This is amazing!!! LOVING that texture and love love love the knob on top!!!!

  2. I too loved the knob ,feet and metal corners . ribbon n roses make it look pretty !

  3. Stupendous. Amazing. Brilliant. Creative Masterpiece. I am speechless. STOP DOING GOOD STUFF!!!

  4. YES-YES-YES!!!! What an amazing makeover from the original. I love the texture/skin covering. Also, love the metal stuff. Wonderful job, Mitra.

  5. Goodness me that is amazing, so beautiful.. love the top of your box and the sides look fabo too..

  6. Awesome sauce indeed!!! Too yummy for words!!!

  7. How did you say it? Holy Hannah....this is AWESOME!!!! I knew I'd missed a few posts, but crap...this??? I love this Mitra...so much and now I see the cool goodies that you gifted me too. Awesome use of them and this box is amazing. It never ceases to amaze me what you can transform and seriously...throw that hideous pin cushion Dr. Who Dalek away that I made..LOL.. I can't believe you haven't transformed that ugly thing yet. You're just the sweetest and your get luck scratch off ticket cards were adorable too!! :)


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