Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tie Dye Ribbon Tutorial

The other day I was cruising around Amazon and thought to look for seam binding.

Now I have run across plenty of seam binding but never the plain, simple, silky, easy crinkled kind. And not 100 yards for $7!

Oh the fun I can have with that!

So bought it and have been dying ribbon left and right!

So, I do not have many spritzes & mists. It's the same reason I do not have chips or cookies in the house. I WILL EAT THEM. No, I would not eat the mists, but I would use them ON simply everything. I love that stuff. So, I try to make myself use product I have already on hand.

Since years ago I was a consultant for stamping company and bought ever single stamp pad color they had...hence I have quite a few colors I can pick from. And since I am also not big into stamping these days, they need to be used or they will get dried up.

Let me show you a trick. ;-)

Use a stamp pad to dye with! If you look at the binding. you will see where I have swiped three different stamp pad numerous times. Some colors have mixed and made others.

It gets better though. Almost as good as a cookie.

I then add all the swiped binding to a coffee filter and spritz with alcohol or a clear mist. Or an almost empty white mist with alcohol added.

LOOK at the shimmery colors run!

And a little teaser of how the dried & dyed ribbon works with a vintage-type ornament I'm playing with!

Happy HUMP Day!


  1. oh my those are soooooooooooo pretty

  2. I loved this colorful seam binding !!

  3. That is amazing, what stunning colors in your ribbons now.. look forward to seeing what you create with them!

  4. Oh wow, it is amazing, it reminds me of my tie-die t-shirts I wore in the 60s too, LOL! Just kidding, it is definitely fun and cool!!!

  5. Can you feel some drips? That would be the DROOOLING I'm doing here in OZ!!!!!!!!! I'm guessing Stampin' Up pads...just asking to see if they work...I have a errr 'few' of their ink refills. I'm thinking they might be good for this, too???? Want some???? Just asking.......

  6. Oh my word this is absolutely delectable!! Gorgeous job!!!


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