Thursday, January 9, 2014

LESSology Key to My Heart Challenge

So the other day, I was cleaning off the top of my desk and ran across this bracelet I promised to fix for a friend.

It was ambitious of me to say I'd fix it when I wasn't sure really how to do the knotting that was involved. The beads however were very pretty with little diamonds and I did really want to get it back in one piece.

Of course, one cannot just simply fix a bracelet and not make a fancy-dancy little container for it!

It was re-used metal container to which I added a foot out of a huge reused glass bead, a Tim Holtz clock, and some washi tape to the side. Built up the top with various bits of metal and a pearl jewelry head pin.

Really love how pretty the silver, gold and copper all go together for this little container!  Below is another view of the layers I used. You can also see a bit of the embossed green metal I used to fill the empty gap in the top. The Yuletide Tim Holtz piece is my favorite. Love that word! Sounds so festive!

The reason I used so many mixed metals on my container is because the bracelet has many different kinds of metals! From a shiny silver, antique bronze, to some copper! It's really pretty!

I used a little key, the gem covered button that was previously used to keep the bracelet closed, a gem heart, and a little bead dangle!

The key is inspired by our latest challenge over at LESSology to use a key in your project!

And I am happy to report, she LOVED both the box and bracelet! Hoping you will play along! Fun times! 


  1. You are the best friend a girl could ask for! How sweet that you made her a box for it after you fixed it. Awesome Mitra!

  2. I agree with are always full of surprises and this one is incredible too. Love that eclectic metal container for her fixed bracelet. The pearl topping is scrumptious above it all...


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