Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hush Layout: One Little Word for 2014

Unfortunately for me, I am one of those people who are BAD at Christmas.

It's not that it's not a great holiday, although I do opt for variations on the whole green and red theme as often as possible. I just get so tired of those colors all month.

It's just that I stink at it.

No matter what, starting Christmas Cards in July, planning ahead with ideas, there is that one melt down moment that usually comes in December when I am ready to take down all the decorations and hide in my closest with a good book and cookies. LOTS of cookies.

It was not always the case. I once got engaged the day before Christmas. That was a pretty awesome one. THE MAN'S Mum usually had a pretty spectacular event which was always over the top. One year THE MAN even got a huge stuffed Monkey. It was not a real one, but somehow she recalled him having a stuffed monkey as a boy. I had that creepy thing in my bedroom for years. Finally found out a year or so ago it was safe to donate as THE MAN did not recall having a stuffed monkey ever. Thank you baby Jesus.

His Mum having passed a very long time ago we have been left to our own devices for many years to fail miserably at the holiday. By fail, I mean try very hard with all the trimmings of a good time and yet have that feeling that somehow it could be better.

I caved this year when a small person in my house asked to not have a tree so they wouldn't have to vacuum needles. Buying a fake one is always an option but having lived on a tree farm for years that still give me heebie jeebies. It also involves going to the store which is also another thing I like to avoid like the plague all year round. Does Amazon have mail order pre-lit fake trees with free shipping? Oh look at that they do!

Well, maybe next year I'll be inspired.

See that is the thing. I always expect it to be different although I pretend not to care. Wrap up that whole two week experience by throwing my birthday at the end right before New Years and I'm grumpy.

I like my holidays in small doses and spread apart.

With all that being said, I do START December with deep breathing, keagles, and lots of glitter. The projects and filling the stockings keep me happy for quite some time. Then that morphs into shopping for Christmas dinner. This year I sat in my living room with a shopping list and asked each person to list a food and dessert they wanted.

Here is what they came up with:

Strawberries & Chocolate
Root Beer Floats

Notice that the number of people in my family do not match the amount of foods listed. Some people claimed to not care. Also, the number of main courses was a bit limited.

Shopping for dinner was interesting. I managed to fill the cart with things I thought they wanted. In fact, I put so much thought into the whole thing I was kinda done mid store and ready to curl up somewhere with a coffee.

So sorry to the one person I knew who asked me how I was mid shopping trip. I don't think the word miserable is something one should say around the holidays. Next year I will be cheerful and chipper! To my defense though, shopping always makes me miserable regardless of Christmas music playing.

See, I'm already planning that next year will be better and that is a whole year away!

It's always a stretch to come up with resolutions not based around having a better holiday.

I am however giving myself permission to slow down and take a breather. Hush if you will, like you would tell a baby. It's all good, breath, relax, smile, and have a glass of wine.

Last year the world was Engage and it's perfectly funny to me that I am telling myself the exact opposite this time 'round.

Did I engage too much? Probably not. I did take (GASP) Facebook out of my phone apps. I found that at any given moment I was using that crutch to escape. Someone in the middle of supper pointed out my rudeness and I immediately deleted it off my phone. My theory being that if I wanted to go to Facebook, typing out the address in Safari took a brain cell or two and I could consider the timing.

It did work. I felt like I listened to my three Pratt peeps more. I didn't have a Christmas tree, so obviously I took requests and listened to someone!

I think Hush will work well for me. It will be a busy 2014 and keeping sanity very important. Guess I will let you know how it goes!

And on the whole being bad at Christmas? Nice part is the new year is here so we can start all over again!

Playing along in spirit with the Another Freaking Scappy Challenge...


  1. Hi.. Happy New Year to you.. love your layout and love your button tree.. and your post has been so enjoyable to read.. December is a very busy time and dont tell anyone but I had moments of miserableness too... things were getting a bit hard to handle.. my brain was going to flip... I am not one of those organized people who have a house decorated like a magazine cover!! But we do what we can... really glad you got rid of the creepy monkey though...I hope this year is a fabulous one for you!!

  2. Love your page and loveeeee your OLW!! We have a rule that no one is allowed to have their phone out at dinner and it is working :) Happy New Year!!!

  3. Nice you deleted fb from your phone ..its huge disraction .Loves reading your post !! I liked the button tree n lovely photo ..Wishing you a 'Hush'year :D !

  4. Christmas is not a test. You can't fail. You should do only what suits you and your family and to H*ll with the rest. I learned a long time ago that trying to live up to my own expectations would always leave me feeling miserable and guilty because I had failed. Mr M showed me that as long as we are content with what we do then that makes it a great Christmas. Give yourself a break and lower the expectations... Yes HUSH is a good word

  5. I am a super organized person whose home is just exactly like a magazine spread at Christmas time and throughout the year. What is the matter with you people??? Are you complete failures as women??? Yeah right ... but you know, I don't even wish it were so. We are what we are, and Christmas - while I try to make it a happy family time, there is much of it that overwhelms me. Memories of my dear family who are gone, and the realization that I am the matriarch, can be frightening and lonely. My girls always want to come before Christmas because they have husbands and children and they have other plans for Christmas - I can accept that without any difficulty - but I sure wish they'd come after Christmas because I find it too hectic before. My husband hushes me and says not to say - but damn it - I will next year because I always miss a party or two because they are coming early - and I LOVE Christmas parties. And he really doesn't have a right to say anyway - he is not doing all the work, cooking and shopping (in fairness to him he helps tremendously with the cleaning). But still - he doesn't have the stress at all, even financially. You are perfectly right to feel about Christmas whatever you feel about Christmas - it is the merchandisers that create that whole false image of Christmas to make us buy - Christmas is what Christmas is - that is all. I love your OLW, Mitra - this is my first year to participate - and my word is INSPIRE. Hope to see all you girls lots more this year and all your creations!!! <3

  6. The button tree layout is absolutely fantastic and the photo goes so well with your word. I have the same problem around Christmas. I find myself wishing it would get over and then feel bad that I wished that... I have definitely found that I do a lot better with a 'less is more' approach.

  7. That was the most freaking awesome post ever!! I didn't want the words to stop...I've said it before and I'll say it again....I love the way your brain works!!
    However, now I have Elmer Fudd in my head whispering, "Be vewy vewy qwiet..." I think HUSH inspired it...
    No worries, it's all good.
    Cheers to cookies, wine and a happy NEW YEAR.


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