Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Reindeer Oft Go Astray

So the best neighbors in the world were gone over the holidays. They are in my sample photo I used up top! Bob in his signature red shirt! ;-)

I know this because we keep a hairy eye ball on their place and more importantly, their driveway.

Miss a plowing and you mind end up in a pickle with too much snow.

So they dropped off a stack o' presents before they left and ran for someplace warmer with less snow to see the Grand Baby.

I had been plotting and scheming that I really wanted to make these log reindeer. I thought a pair of them with red ribbons to greet them at their doorstep would be kinda funny yet cool.

Here is one of my favorite I've found (& pinned) from Ashbee Design

For a variety of reasons (sometimes keeping things cleared out from the snow was an all day affair) to THE MAN getting stuck on our trip back out of the woods with logs to use, they beat us home before we made any.

Which isn't to say the wood we gathered isn't keeping things warm around here!

So, I had to get going on plan B which did not involve a chain saw!

Made her some pages the other day.

This one was for her to fill!

Oh Ebony! He is a scrapper of a cat! He is always so helpful....

Here you go! A page with the beautiful photos she got in her Christmas Cards!

I have a new thing I'm making these days too. I'm still in the experimenting phase, which means I'd rather play around than google/you tube how to actually do it.

Found some silky seam binding the other day and I've been trying out rumpled shabby dyed ribbons. So far, really loving them!

Happy Tuesday!

Oh and if you see any lonely mice, Ebony is looking for a few!


  1. Love everything., you are such a kind neighbor. BTW, would love that little deer too, hint-hint-hint. teehee You need to show me how you make the crumpled, dyed ribbon. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. LOL.....hey, Shirley! I hope you get the reindeer too cos they're super cute....& that ribbon is STUNNING.....& so's the pic with Ebony in it...just hoping she doesn't think the nice have run into the photo some how's???!!!!!!!!!

  3. oo i love your wood reindeer... very cute!! Fabulous layouts too.. I am loving the insta frames you are using.. great colors in the papers, and love the bows too.. and I will take some of your snow off your hands.. most likely cos it will melt into water and help the grass to live a bit.. and the die I used for the WW1 layout is a cottage cutz "garden bird Branch (4x6) die.. I just cut off some of the birds.. ssshh don't tell anyone from the prevention of cruelty to animals!! didnt hurt them I assure you!!

  4. Lololol...love the cat in the picture!!


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