Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kitchen Angel from Across the Pond

Ohhhh I like having friends EVERYWHERE! ;-)

Check out my HAPPY MAIL from Jean! She flew over across the pond to hang in my kitchen right after Christmas!

She is hanging out right next to the grumpy girl in my rainbow tart pan. I like to think she's keeping her company!

And there is something really really cool going on with Daisy, Jean's grand baby girl.

She has been face timing with my Lexi!

They have been talking about school and what it's like to be there vs. being here.

It's like a digital pen pal and I am super excited for them!

I think eventually they will talk about the game they both play, but we'll let them chit chat about real stuff first!

Thanks Jean for being super cool and making me smile every time I spot that angel!

Hope you are having a great weekend, where ever you are!


  1. Ah so cute that Grumpy and Angel are spending time together!! lovely angel, great work jean.

  2. I 2nd Channa!!! And that Angel is sorta made from paper folding, too...which puts her waaay outa my league! Cute, though:):)

  3. Love this little angel. Jean is very creative. She looks right at home on your cozy shelf.

  4. She looks right at home on your shelf Mitra. I think she was made for that spot! Daisy is lovin' having a face time friend in Lexi too. They came to me for dinner tonight, roast turkey and veg. Daisy used my Big shot to make some flowers before she left, I bet Lexi sees them soon!

  5. I still dont think that girl is grumpy, she just has a lot on her mind, and hopefully Angel will lift her spirits and give her some divine counselling!!

  6. What a beautiful kitchen angel!! I love that Lexi has a Face Time friend. Having a pen pal has sure changed since we were younger!


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