Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentine Glitter Explosion Ornaments

Was hanging around a big hardware store the other day and took a wander down through their clearance.

These Martha Stewart Glitter Explosion Ornaments were on sale.

You can't get within three feet of these without getting glitter on you.

THE MAN:  I can't wait until the house is glitter free.

Me:  Really? I will have been dead a year and you will have moved when that happens. (I was hoping to elicit sympathy as I was wiping glitter off my face)

THE MAN:  Really? You think that'd do it?

Anyhow, I thought they were beautiful and also cheap, which made them even lovelier.

So brought them home and went about changing them from Christmas to my favorite holiday of all.

Love love LOVE Valentine's Day.

There were six ornaments included and I need cohesive decorations to really make these sparkle.

Started with that tie dye ribbon I made the other day. Hand rolled a mess of pink roses that I glimmered up with some mist. I was delighted to show case these awesome Valentine's Day Bingo black and white print files from THE CUTTING CAFE as a base for my roses!

They are adorable! I used multiple cards to spell out words like Sweet Heart! I printed them out on some fancy card stock that had water colors in pink and red. Easy peasy!

And so you can see them all at once hanging off my stocking holders!

Stocking holder really being the wrong term for these metal hooks since I leave them up year round and usually have some kind of art hanging off them!

Will show you a few more decorations this week! Happy Monday!


  1. There is NOTHING in my house that hasn't been baptized in glitter. Makes the world a better place, I think. Just doing our part, one sparkle at a time! Right??? Your ornaments are GORGEOUS Mitra and I love seeing them hanging there all together in their glory...SO PRETTY and CHEAP!! :D

  2. i swear i am waiting for your book to come these

  3. OO-LA-LA Absolutely love what you have done with those decorations. Really pretty, Mitra. I especially love all the glitter!!!

  4. Wow !! Seems your Christmas is still going :D :D !! Was a wonderful way to keep house decorated with fab ornaments like these ..Loved them !

  5. You are just so clever.. wow they look amazing, and your stocking hanger is a wonderful way to display them...

  6. REALLY REALLY REALLY beautiful....the glitter, the ribbon...the hanging post.......AND you can tell your DH from me, he will NEVER get rid of the glitter. He has INGESTED enough of it over the you'll always be with him in one form or another!!!

  7. SO pretty and unique! Love how you incorporated the project this week! ~Cathryn DT

  8. Love your ornaments and the fun ribbon you created for them. Yep, hubby doesn't like the glitter either. He really doesn't like it when he ends up wearing it. Like being at church, glancing up and seeing my husband playing the piano......and yep, I saw glistening little sparkles on his face. lol had me laughing!! I thought I was going to be ordered to remove all glitter. Blessings~ Catherine

  9. So fun, Mitra! I love that you made them into true Valentine treasures. Julie, DT sister


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