Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun & Giggle Games Layout

Christmas Day was pretty low key for us. We snacked, ate dinner, played some board games, and took a wander through the scrapbooks.

It was pleasant. The scrapbooking part I enjoyed the most.

I (ugh) hate playing Monopoly. I take HUGE risks in the hopes I'll lose all my money, but it never works. This game I took a nap in the middle and I was STILL in the game when I woke up!

The funny part about looking through scrapbooks is that the youngest was mad he wasn't in the first book we looked at. Since he born two years later, it made sense to us, but I think it started things off on the wrong foot for him! ;-)

Good thing we hadn't started with the wedding album! They both would have been mad.

My favorite part of this page was using a black and white photo of Lexi's hands. She LOVES monopoly, plus usually has on those big funky bracelets so I figured featuring her would work the best. I also reused the back of a long strip sticker that had a pretty ruffled border that I glittered up. I was going for a winter look with a smidge of Christmas!

The little Prima flower clusters, sparkly leaves and owl makes me happy too!

Only a few more Christmas pages to make! Having a hard time getting into that mode when I have all this pretty Valentine's Day paper though!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I loved this page n cheerful .All the colors look wonderful around BnW photo,I liked the glittery alphas..n blue glitter too !

  2. This layout stood out in my blog roll. Love the colours with the black and white photo. Really love the blue flowers with the touch of gold ,perfect.

  3. Gosh how fun this is!!! And you are such a funny writer, I always can't stop laughing (or smiling) when I read your post! : )

  4. LOL...yeah, life keeps rolling by...I'm starting on this year's Chrissy cards!!!! I love that pic too & I'm with you re:Monopoly, BOOOOORING!!! fave bit besides the lovely gold leaves is the owl.....he's sooooo cute!!!!

  5. Love love love this!! LOVING the fun colors and the flowers!!!!

  6. What an absolutely cute layout - so many happy elements!

  7. Super fun! I love the glittered elements!


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