Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wish You Were Her Postcards

The other day the boys at work and I were talking about my upcoming trip to Florida.

They suggested perhaps I could send them "Wish You Were Her" Postcards. They meant of course one with some hot chick in a bikini looking hot and bothered.

It took me a second to figure out what they were talking about since I was not thinking of it in that context. I have never wished any of my male coworkers were babes in bikinis seeing how that would be awkward!

Figured instead of having to buy some icky postcard I'd hook them up with a hand drawn pin-up girl from way before my time.

And, in case you were wondering about my naughty sentiment, I am also sending a lotto ticket!

Those double strings hold it on the back side of the card!

I can thank THE CUTTING CAFE for the lovely heart cutting file. I used Regina's Valentine Window Card Tops for the sweet hearts on the bottom that I backed with some pattened paper. I also used the punched out hearts inside the clear vellum envelopes with some sequins for a shaker type card. I imagine that might amuse those boys for a while after they are done with the scratch off!

Here is one last photo of my cards. You may be wondering by now why Miss Hottie Pin-Up Lady is holding such a large envelope. I sure was and when I asked THE MAN why it was so large in comparison to the rest of the image, he was shocked. He said he didn't notice the envelope but was busy wondering why more women don't get the mail in high heals!

Hope you are having a great Thursday regardless of WHAT footwear you are rockin!


  1. But of course he would say that!! Love your play on words, however I reckon a large frumpy mama with curlers in her hair and a larger size figure would have been the way to go for your pin up girl...hehe!!

  2. What a post to read :D :D !! I loved the sentiment ;D on post cards and of course the postcards too !

  3. You a goood way!! And I'm with Lizzy C...that would be FUNNY:):):) Oh, LOVE the hearts, BTW:):)

  4. i sooooooo love this card......totally great

  5. Great cards, and even better idea!

  6. These are GREAT! I love how you think and the postcards are fabulous, although I think Lizzy C had a great idea as well!


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